Gears of war 2- A hero from within

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A Nightmare from Below. A Hero from Within

Now with this tag line, what you most expect most is a game full of action, role-playing and strong story line. Most of the Hardcore gamers are well aware of the name Gears of War, so they must be well aware of the name Gears of War 2. Developed by Epic games and published by Microsoft Game Studios for Xbox 360. Gears of War 2 is a tactical third person shooter game. It is the sequel to the game Gears of War, and was announced by lead designer Cliff Bleszinski on February 20, 2008 Game Developers Conference. The best use of the upgraded version of the Unreal Engine 3 is shown in this game. November 7, 2008 was set as worldwide release date for the game. Since its release, it’s rocking the world with over 2 million sales on its opening weekend. And almost on every gaming website, it received best score. It is one of the few “Halo Killer” games produced in few years. This is humanity’s last stand. Everything is at risk. Nothing is safe. This was quoted by famous comic book writer Joshua Ortega, after the release first teaser of the game.

The story follows as the Locust have found a way to make giant emergence holes capable of sinking entire cities at once. Marcus Fenix the main protagonist of the game and the rest of Delta Squad are now drilling underground to “take the fight to the locust.” As the teaser, shows COG soldiers are engaged in battle with a large army of locust in the underground region. The detonation of Lightmass Bomb, which caused in destruction in most of the Locust Horde, but it also, caused much of the liquid imulsion underground to vaporize, causing a fatal disease called rustlung to spread among the diminished human population. But after few months of peace, the cities of Tollen and Montevado suddenly and mysteriously disappear underground, leading the COG to suspect the resurgence of the Locust. And once after Jacinto, one of the last remaining safe heavens foe humans begin to show signs of the same epidemics, COG are left with no choice but to open a large scale Counter offensive against the Locust. In order to save Jacinto, they have to take War to the Locust.

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Gears of War 2 is loaded with new characters, new enemies, and new weapons. Adding to that you can also perform a duel with the chainsaw attached to the Lancer rifle with an AI or human opponent. The player can also use the downed enemies as shields. A wounded player can crawl in a final attempt to save your life. There are many other ways of killing an enemy as punching them until they are downed, using the torque bow as an axe, or using the sniper rifle as sledgehammer. You can complete some of the Xbox live achievements both in single player and in multiplayer mode, such as achieving 1,000 headshots. One of the new enemies added is given a look of a giant panda bear. New weapons are added to the firearms of the previous game. The function, accuracy, and power of the most of the weapons is changed. Grenades can now be used as mines by placing them on walls or floors. And will detonate when approached by enemies. And players can now be knocked out by the concussive than before of a nearby detonating grenade. Brumak, which was previously, can be fought as an enemy can now be used to drive.

The best of the Unreal Engine 3 was showcased At the 2008 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco. Gear of War creators Epic Games showed various improvements to the in-game lighting through ambient occlusion, in which dynamic shadows could be generated through ambient occlusion technique to render more realistically lit and shaded actors and objects. It was illustrated through comparison between characters and environments models in the original game engine to that of Unreal Engine 3. One more thing that showcased was the ability of the engine to hold hordes of the hordes of actors within the game, as demonstrated with a large force of Locust flocking through the “Gridlock” multiplayer map. Matinee a new technique used for rendering and editing a 3-dimensional scenes within the game.

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With large sale, it was also critically acclaimed and most of the gaming websites like 1up, gamecritics, and gamespot gave away the Gears of War 2 9/10. It also won many awards including Best Shooter and Best Xbox 360 Game at the 2008 Spike Video Game Awards and Overall Best Shooting Game and Overall Best Graphics Technology for 2008.

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