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APB or All Points Bulletin is a new name in the field of massively multiplayer online game. This game will only be available for Microsoft Windows. Based on urban drapes this game will feature two sides. One is the Enforcement and the second is of Criminals. You can join any of the two sides, Enforcement or Criminals, and form sub-groups under these. Game is designed by one and only David Jones, creator of world famous Grand Theft Auto and Crackdown. APB is developed by the developers behind Grand Theft Auto the Realtime Worlds. This game was in news for its controversial gameplay scenes. Gamers are waiting for this one as it offers you to join any of the two gangs of a modern city.

Initially it was expected that the game would be available for all the Modern day gaming platforms like PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and for PCs. But later all of the versions were denied and only Windows version was opted for the launch. It was reported by Gamespot that priority was given to PC edition by the Realtime Worlds, and it will be the first one to be marketed. However, according to Realtime Worlds they will later produce the console versions for APB, both for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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APB was planned in the year 2005 initial plan was to launch the game for, PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Game development was handed over to then newly founded Realtime Worlds studio created by David Jones. According to the plan Xbox 360 versions has to be out in 2008, but later the plan of launching the game on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 was dropped. In the meantime, Realtime Worlds developed Crackdown in 2007. It is believed that APB has some resembling features to Crackdown.

In early 2008, David Jones announced that APB would be released in 2008. Announcement was made at the 2008 Game Developers Conference. Jones noted that APB would be like a MOG where players can interact up to 25 other players at the sane time, and it would be like sci-fi massively multiplayer online games like World of Warcraft. One thing was clear to Jones that with a gameplay similar to these biggies he cannot compete with them. After that game was postponed for a 2009 release and it was seen in many announcement’s and interviews that APB will only released on Microsoft Windows. Console versions will join the race later. There was an industry rumor that Realtime worlds are planning to sell the game to Rockstar Games in order to change it into a Grand Theft Auto version. APB is a long awaited game and players are waiting to enjoy the feeling of choosing between good and bad. According to Realtime Worlds executive, this game is “the bastard child of everything we’ve been striving towards over the 15-20 years.”

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Game is based in a modern day, in a fictional city where there a continues battle between Law Enforcement and Gangs. You can join any of the team. The two side fights daily in order to take control of the city. The territory is under dispute for the control. This continues dispute offers players to enhance their offensive as well as defensive moves. Other than that, there are other smaller missions in the game that allow you to earn more money. More money means that you can buy new weapons, vehicles and improve your characters, all these factors influence game directly. For example if a criminal gang robs a store easily then a all points bulletin is issued against them for the Law enforcers ask them to stop robbery. APB will be the first game where skills of the player determine the characters progression, not the time spent in the game. An additional feature is added to the game now players can use the Last.FM to create their own sound tracks. It was stated that a BETA version would soon follow the game.

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