Battle of the Gods

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Battle of the Gods, don’t go with the name it’s not a RTS game it’s a beat-em-up game. It under development of Classic Studio productions. Battle of Gods will be released for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. In the game settings various gods from different religions are tired of humans fighting for them, and decided to settle matters in an all-versus-all fight to the death to decide the winner. The game appears 3D but only 2D motion is available. Each character will posses a variety of spells and special moves. Hand-to-hand attack is also included.

Most of the deities of most of the religion are included in the game. May religions are included like Christian, Hinduism, Judaism, Thor, e.t.c. Known deities in the game are: Ra (Egyptian sun god), Anubis (Egyptian God of the Dead, and also his Egyptian name is Anpu), Mother Nature, Ares (Greek God of War), Athena (Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Athens (a town in Greece), and War fought through tactics), Isis (Egyptian mother of the Gods), Thor (Viking god of Thunder), Santa Claus (God of commercialization and capitalism), Xipe Totec (Aztec god of suffering and Growth), Xenu (god of Scientology), Kanaloa (Hawaiian God of Mischief), Odin (All-Father from Viking mythology) (possibly) The Grim Reaper, personification of death, Buddha, Jesus (Christian son of God), God (actual God of Christianity and Judaism), Satan, the Virgin Mary, Ganesh, Shiva, Zeus (Ancient Greek ruler of the gods), Aphrodite (Ancient Greek goddess of love and beauty).

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Developers have stated that, each character will have their own background stage. Only six stages are known at the moment, and developers are promising more stages very soon. The six stages are Cove (Jesus’ stage), Cradle of Civilization (Garden of Eden), Shinto Temple, Bodhi Desert (Buddhas stage), and Hindi Mandala., Frozen Hell, Red Sea Parted (Gods stage).

The company behind the game, Classic Studios is a small self-run studio. However, it had worked for large developers like Electronic Arts, Blizzard, Rockstar, and Interplay before creating their own production house. Developers intend game to be humorous and educational as well. They claim that the game will bring world peace and understanding the apocalypse. The game is educational as well with all the religions presented equally. Members of the Classified Productions are planning to travel to Greece, Hawaii, a selection of Aztec ruins, and Czech Republic in an attempt to create accurate portrayals of the stages and characters. This strong attention to detail is much advertise by the company. The development of the game is still in its early stages. Some concept art and screenshots of the game are released. However, very less is known about the story and character details. The developers of the game are still in vague about many aspects of the game.

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