Beyond Good & Evil 2

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Beyond Good & Evil is back this time on the seventh generation consoles. Beyond Good & Evil 2 or BG&E2 is an upcoming game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will be the Third game for the Beyond Good & Evil series. It is designed by Michel Ancel creator of the original game and is developed by his team at Ubisoft Montpellier. BG&E2 will be published by gaming giants Ubisoft. First game of the trilogy Beyond Good & Evil was a critical hit, but it was not able to gain commercial success. BG&E2 was not in news for several years until it was revealed at Ubidays 2008 in Louver Paris, France, on May 28, 2008. Just like the first game of the series it will be an action-adventure game. This time there is no news of a Windows version.

According to Michel Ancel he wrote the story of BG&E2 long before the release of the first game of the trilogy. However the game was not released earlier due to the bad sales of the first game, Ubisoft was not interested to invest in the game. First hints for the game was given by Michel Ancel in an interview with Nintendo Power. He stated that he is working on title that means a lot to him. Jade main protagonist of the previous game was said to be continue her personality and values. There were many false rumors about the release of the game until May when Ubisoft announced BG&E2.

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The cast is unknown for the game, whether the original cast of the game will continue is also uncertain. Christophe Héral who wrote the original score for the previous game will returns for BG&E2. Ancel had stated that about 10-12 people are working for the title. To make sure the game doesn’t suffers commercial failure like the previous game, BG&E2 is said to be more appealing. According to Yves Gullemot, Ubisoft CEO, they targeted the game for both casual gamers as well as for core gamers, unlike the Beyond Good & Evil part I which was targeted for core gamer only. Nothing is revealed about the game by the developers. But according to Ancel the game will continue the legacy of the first game, there will be lots of emotions in the gameplay, and variety in levels.

Fist time the game was described Ancel in an interview with a French magazine Jeux Video Magazine. He stated that the game was in pre-production state for almost an year before being approved by Ubisoft. A few weeks a later a teaser of the game totally recorded in the game’s engine was shown at Ubidays. The trailer shows a Hovercraft like vehicle resting on the side of a road in a desert. Pey’j one of the supporting character of the previous is sitting beside the vehicle. A woman who resembles Jade is sitting on the trunk in the background.

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