Blood of Bahamut

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Blood of Bahamut or Burado obu Bahamuto will be a new entry in the world of role-playing game. It will be published by Square Enix famous for the Final Fantasy series most played and most famous role playing game series. Blood of Bahamut will be released for Nintendo DS. There are rumours from its trademarking that are linking it to the Super Nintendo tactical role-playing game Bahamut Lagoon. Square Enix has not denied nor confirmed any such relation. The game is under development of Think & Feel Inc. Release dates for the game are still to be announced. The game will be released in single player and multiplayer mode which can hold upto four players. Main designers for the game are Motomu Toriyama who is famous for many of the Final Fantasy games and other designers are Toshitaka Matsuda, Takanari Ishiyama and Eisuke Yokoyama.

Blood of Bahamut is a role-playing game in which up to four player’s battle giant beasts that are featured on both the screens of DS. In order to destroy the beast players has to beat him in three steps, first has to destroy the protective armor, then attack the core and finally attack its body parts. These giants send smaller beasts, which player must battle simultaneously. Once you defeat the parts of giant and smaller beasts will grant players many kind of weapons and materials. These materials and weapons can be used on the situations where powerful weapon is needed. There are over 130 missions in the game.

Blood of Bahamut is built on the back of a great b

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east known as a Gigant. The city comes under attack, protagonist of the game Ibuki and Yui must defend it as well as other cities that were built on Gigants that are awakening. There are total seven characters included in the game. Gigants are responsive and will also take part in the battle in order to defend themselves. The Gigants that are revealed so far includes, Bahamut, Fenrir, Shiva, Ifrit and the last one that bears a great resemblance to Alexander, Baldeion.

Characters of the Blood of Bahamut include:


The male main protagonist armed with a sword


The female main protagonist armed with a polearm

Kamos Ogrekin

A monstrous strongman who uses a warhammer


An eldery mage figure with a staff


Blue-haired girl


Red-haired girl

Blood of Bahamut is being directed by Motomu Toriyama, who previously worked on numerous other Square Enix titles include Bahamut Lagoon. The team led by Eisuke Yokoyama, who recently worked for Final Fantasy XII: Revenge Wings. The team’s main goal was to “cross the limits with DS with a dynamic feel and with a direct sense of control.”

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