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Broken Saints is an upcoming games by casual game developers Gnosis Games, a Canadian company famous for there casual games for the social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. Gnosis Games enjoyed a lot of success in casual games they are entering the world of serious gamers with this new game. Broken Saints will be an action adventure game, played from third person perspective. Only single player mode is confirmed so far and multiplayer is said to be under development. Broken Saints will be released in two main entries. First entry will be for the all the seventh generation consoles as PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii. Second Entry is for all the handheld consoles like PSP (PlayStation Portable) and Nintendo DS. However both the entries will be same and will utilize same artistic style that is found in the animated comics. Story of the game will be similar to Broken Saints a flash animated film series released in the year 2001, which won many awards round the globe.

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The game will be centered on religious, philosophical, political and spiritual themes. Main part of the story are four strangers from almost four corners of the world. All the fours strangers are connected to each other by a vision they are receiving from evil, which leads them to each other. In search of truth they found a far larger and more disturbing truths totally unexpected. There quest is leads them to layers of global technological conspiracy. At every depth their own torturing souls reveal shocking truth binds which binds them together. The vision they are receiving varies only a red cat’s eye is common. All of the four characters faint after seeing the Red eye and they fall into a temporary coma. The Eye is a red circle and may people mistake it to be a Eye of Sauron.

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Four main characters will include Kamimura a Buddhist monk, Raimi Matthews a non-practicing catholic living in a fictional Coast City. Through an electronic code he learns about a project of his company, the project is about bringing four strangers together. Oran Bajir is Muslim devout from Iraq. He guarding a small bunker and reading holy book of Islam, later on he starts doubting his mission. Shandala Nisinu is the fourth character he is a mysterious orphan from Fijan islandof Japan. Other then these four main characters there are many small characters as well which will play important role in destiny of the four bind to each other. Our four main characters will use their special gifts to explore lush landscapes, terrifying dreamscapes and chilling web techno-spiritual conspiracy, which can change the whole world.

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