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Crackdown is the one of the most successful game of the sandbox-style genre. It is one of the game under Microsoft’s strategy to promote Xbox 360 as it can be played only on the platform of Xbox 360. It was created by David Jones, the man behind Grand Theft Auto. It sold more then 1.5 million copies in first six moths of its release. A sequel for the game is under development, it will be named Crackdown 2. Just like the predecessor genre for the game will be sandbox-style third person shooter video game. Crackdown is under the development of Ruffian Games and will be published by Microsoft Game Studios. It will be released for Xbox 360. No release dates are announced by the developers. Designers for the game are Billy Thomson and Steve Iannetta. Crackdown 2 is modeled like the previous game of the series. It will be a third person shooter in open world gameplay. The player will be a super human simply known as “Agent”, working for city-funded Agency. Just like the predecessor Crackdown 2 will support a seamless so-operative play in the main game. Only difference will be the number of players is now increased to four from two in the previous. A new mode will feature in the game, known as competitive mode will support up to sixteen players. Overall gameplay of the game will be mostly similar to the predecessor.

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Plot of the game was reveled at E3 2009. Agent will be the playable character of the game. He will roam in a fictional Pacific City, which is infected with urban gang War. He assists Agency in the battle against numerous crime kings who controls the city. There are some strange looking creatures shown in the trailer. This indicates that Agent will have to deal with more powerful enemies that the previous street gangs. The game will be set many years after Crackdown. This was reported by Billy Thomson who is creative director of Ruffian Games. Previously he along with Phil Wilson confirmed that game was designed from the beginning of the series. They stated that there will be sequels for the game. later it was commented that Realtime Worlds was not working on a sequel to the game. However, Microsoft stated that they still got the holds the intellectual property rights to Crackdown and there will be a sequel very soon. The game was confirmed in the 2009 Electronic Entertainment Expo Conference. This time however it was an official announcement and the game was finally off to a start.

It was noted by Ruffian that half of the team that formerly worked on Crackdown in all the areas of the game development, and felt that their studio will be a perfect place to develop games sequel. This decision was later confirmed by the publishers. Development team decided to keep the sequel to be located in Pacific City. Settings for the previous game got the character of its own in the first game and the development team want to conserve these settings so that player will feel similar to the previous game. The City however got a bit more larger then the previous time. Developers avoided any possible similarity in the dialog driven cutscenes. Gameplay parts that were criticized previous time were also improved. Mechanical part of the game was kept similar, only change to the game engine is that now it will allow the display of the large view for the City. Every other thing will be unique about the game, like music of the game. Everything for the game was kept confidential with Microsoft. This will help to attach all the sensory experience of the game.

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