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Dark%20Mist Dark Mist

There are many games, which are only launched exclusively for PSN ( PlayStation Network)., one such game is Dark Mist. It is an action adventure game with features of Shoot ‘em up genre. Dark Mist is developed by Game Republic and published by SCE. As it is only available on PlayStation Network, it will only release on PlayStation 3. Only mode featuring in the game will be Single Player. You can download the game from any normal web browser. Dark Mist already s released in Japan and Europe on November 8 2007 and May 15, 2008 respectively. Release date for the US version are still to be announced. An expansion pack was released for the game on 28 February 2008. It was named as Dark Mist Depth of Darkness. There are twelve new players that featured in the expansion pack. However this mode is only available to download from the Hong Kong and Japanese PSN store.

Dark Mist is an action adventure game. The character acquired by you is a Warrior of light, Artemis. Objective of Artemis is to defeat the forces of Darkness. There are four dungeons in the game. Hero has to lash and hack his way through. There is a vantage point in the game, making it similar to Legend of Zelda. In the start Hero is loaded with three stars of energy. Energy of the Hero will be replenished by collecting hearts. Other collectable items are keys, diamonds and crescent moons. To perform a spinning attack the game uses a Sixaxis controls. Dark Mist has a resolution of 720p.

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