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Wii covered up nearly everything on the soft games i.e. games with less or no violence. Now Nintendo want to promote Wii for the hardcore gamers, one who shares a major part of the gaming world. Games from every genre either are under development or are ready to be release. One such game Dead Space: Extraction a prequel to the 2008 game Dead Space. It will be developed jointly by Visceral Games and Eurocom. Visceral Games also developed Dead Space. Electronic Arts will publish the game. It will release under the genre of Survival horror and Shoot ‘em up. The game will feature two game modes, Single player and 2 player cooperative multiplayer. September 29, 2009 and October 3 are the two releasing dates for North America and Europe respectively. Dead Space was a huge hit and scored well one every chart, same is expected from Dead Space Dead Space: Extraction. It will be exciting to play a survival horror game on the console of soft games.

Events of Dead Space: Extraction will be the oldest in the Dead Space franchise. They will be older then Dead Space and the animated film Dead Space: Downfall, which was released just after Dead Space. Main motive behind developing the film was to explain the events that took place before the game. Dead Space: Extraction will be interesting as you can discover what caused the chaos in Dead Space: Extraction. The game is based in Aegis VII colony and revolves around a group of space of colonists. It shows their fight against the infection of Necromorphs. It will also try to explain the cause of the infection and how it was created when the Red Marker was removed. To make the game more appealing then the previous versions a new female protagonist is introduced to the series.

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According to the developers there, game will introduce new character, enemies, weapons and environments to the series. Visceral Games are promising that the game will bring new experience to typical rail shooters. They commented on the game as “a guided first person experience”. Two main difference in the game play is inclusion of branching pathways and puzzles. These two will help the game to look more like an adventure game than an arcade style shooter. Dead Space: Extraction will give the players some control over camera. To point at enemy players has to use pointer function of the Wii Remote. In order to perform melee attack you will have to swing the Wii remote and twisting the Wii remote will result in activating the secondary firing mode. Although new features are included Dead Space: Extraction will still have features from the original game that will play an important role in the gameplay. Some of these features are dismemberment, stasis and zero gravity. Kinesis, which was also there in the previous game, also appear from the start of the game. One new feature included in the gameplay is drop in/drop out co-op play. Dead Space: Extraction was under development for a year before it was reveled on 18 February 2009. Lets see how Wii manages to present the game without violence. It is important as the survival horror games like are genrally features a lot of violence.

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