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If you are feeling down due to the end of Dungeon Siege or you want to enjoy the Sins of Solar Empire and Supreme Commander, soon there will be an option for you all Players. Demigod is an upcoming game, releasing on April 14th 2009. The developer of the game Gas Powered Games describes the game as an action/RPG/RTS hybrid. Demigod can also be described as fractional inspiration of the Warcraft III custom map Defense of the Ancients. The gameplay is a combination of both of the game genres. The players have an ability to choose certain heroes that rely on either their own power as a single unit of the power of creating multiple units. The Game will be published by Starbuck Games.

demigod%202 Demigod

Prior to the Demigod Gas Powered Games is known for games like Dungeon Siege franchise and Supreme Commander. In Demigod players will take control of their own Demigod, a powerful combat monster. You have to lead the Demigod it in battle against enemy forces and you have to ensure that Demigod cannot assault the player’s position. It was confirmed on April 7, 2008 that the release date of the game is pushed back from late 2008 to February 2009. There’s a no on-disc copy protection. For the multiplayer the game will make use of Stardock’s Impulse program. First official trailer of the game was released on July 24, 2008, showing first actual footage of the game. Mike Marr replaced John Comes as the lead designer for the game on July 29, 2008. Beta version of the game was released on September 4, 2008; those ordered the game in advance can download the game.

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Beat 2 was released in December 2008, with many bugs of the game fixed. Total 19 bugs were fixed in the Beta 2. More modifications were made in Beta 2 in January 2009. This time the games’ balancing was fixed. Beta 3 released on February 20, 2009 featured many of the concerns with the previous Beta tester 2C and 2D. This version of contains two of the Demigods left out in Beta 2. Other then the Demigods features such as new persistent online multiplayer mode called The Pantheon, and 4 new multiplayer modes. Main focus of this version however was on balance and variety as well as the testing of the new game mode Pantheon. To get the beta version a person must have to pre-order the game from the official website. The cost of the pre-order only is charged to the account once the person receives either the full or the beta. Demigod will be launched onle on Microsoft Windows.

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