Dissidia: Final Fantasy

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Square Enix and Final Fantasy don’t need introduction, one of the top game franchise and game developers releases new game in the series. The title is named Dissidia: Final Fantasy an just like previous games of the series it is released under the genre of RPG (Role Playing Game), but what makes it different is Fighting game mixed with RPG. Dissidia Final Fantasy is dedicated to PSP (PlayStation Portable) as a part of 20th anniversary of Final Fantasy. The game was announced back in May 2007. The game will be unique as it will feature characters from various Final Fantasy games. The game is centered around a conflict between the heroes and villains, as the god of discord, Chaos, tries to extort the control of forces of good. The game is released in Japan on December 18, 2008, in United States it was released on 25th August and for European nations and Australia releasing dates are 3rd and 4th September. Dissidia: Final Fantasy is the only game in the Final Fantasy series to give you a chance to fight as a villain or a hero in single and two player modes. The game is composed Takeharu Ishimoto.

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Base of Dissidia Final Fantasy is the battle between two gods. One is Cosmos — the Goddess of Harmony and the other is Chaos — God of Discord. After creating a realm from pieces of worlds, the two gods selected ten champions to wage war for eons in a an unending cycle of rebirth until the balance of power tipped in the favor of Chaos. Evil forces grew stronger and the war seems to be ending, few survived heroes band together to strike back at Chaos and restore harmony. Story of each of the hero is interlinked to each other which follows their journey to recover their respective Crystal. For example Terra deals with her amnesia and her declining her control over her powers. Clouds story concerns his indecisiveness and questioning his reason for taking part in the battle. The story modes unlock second stage of the plot know as “Shade Impulse”. After defeating the enemies heroes returns Cosmos, but Chaos appears and destroy goddess, later it is revealed her powers are transferred to the crystals. Once warriors defeat Chaos, they end up at Gaia and the warriors returns to their homes, only Warrior of Light remains back. In the world created by Cosmos and Chaos, Cosmos emerges as the ruler.

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Both antagonist and the protagonist of the previous Final Fantasy games are united in Dissidia. Stories of the heroes and villains are narrated by Cid of the Lufaine. Not only heroes but other players also deals with crystal-like doppelgangers called Manikins. Storyline of the game is overarching and requires playing through all the characters to complete the game. There are twenty two playable characters in the game, eleven heroes and eleven villains. Each of them represents Final Fantasy through Final Fantasy X. Two secret characters a villain representing Final Fantasy XII and a heroin from Final Fantasy XI. Weapons can be customized and players can gain gil and EXP from battles. Most of the characters can transform into EX Modes. Summons can be Summon Stones.

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