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Doom is the one of the two games, which are marked as milestones in gaming world’s genre of First Person shooter (The other being Half Life). Not just it opened new ideas in the gaming world, but also the engine used in Doom series the id Tech is one of the best and most used engine. After the success of Doom 3 id Software, show no interest in any sequel of the game. Now Doom 4 is under development of id Software. Don’t get confused by Doom 4, it is neither a sequel to Doom 3 nor a new beginning of the franchise. Doom 4 will use id Software’s new id Tech 5 engine. The engine is still not used by other games and like its predecessor’s seems extremely good in Mega Texture and in Shadow Maps.

First hints of the game were given by John Carmack, Technical Director of id Software, at QuakeCon August 3, 2007. Following the trend of the series Doom 4 will be initially showcased for the computers. John Carmack stated that PC version of the game will look better than the console version because of the power of the high-end computer hardware. Although the game will be showcased for the PC users, other platforms for the game are still to be announced along with release date for the game. Who will publish the game is yet to be decided.

The serious and fast development of the game was revealed by id Software’s CEO Todd Hollenshead. It was revealed in an interview with GameSpot on April 10, 2009. He also cleared that the game is not in the pre-production and the development team is new and hiring new people into the Doom team. He didn’t gave the clear indications when asked about whether Doom 4 is a sequel? A prequel? A reboot? His answer was straight that the game is neither a sequel nor a prequel. Todd Hollenshead also stated that he would like to do a movie for the Doom 4. Universal Pictures still holds the rights for movie as well as the sequel. So let’s wait for some time and let see this time what hell creatures we will have to encounter in the world of Doom.

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