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Dragon Ball Online or officially abbreviated, as DBO is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game. It is under development by NTL in Japan and South Korea. DBO is set in Dragon Ball universe, which was first introduced by the Dragon Ball Japanese manga in 1984. The game starts 216 years after the events of the original Dragon Ball manga series concludes. A Beta testing of the DBO was announced as early in 2007 in South Korea but dues to some reasons development was delayed nearly for a year. It is currently scheduled to go live South Korea by the end of 2008 and in Japan by 2009. For the North America release, date is not confirmed. In a conference held in South Korea on February 14, 2008, NTL expressed interest in a worldwide release of Dragon Ball Online.

Akira Toriyama senior creator of DBO has a great deal of creative control over the Project. He has contributed and supervised the story and art design, including character and location arrangements. According to gaming magazines, it was stated that Toriyama has been working on character designs for the project for the last five years.

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Just like the other MMORPGs players control a character avatar within a persistent game world. In this persistent world players will able to explore the landscape, train to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai, aspiring to become like the warriors of the Legend, interacting with NPC as well as other players and most important of all searching The Dragon Balls. Players can obtain experience and money, which will allow them to increase their level and obtain new abilities. As an additional feature, players can also take part in “Time- Machine Missions.” In these missions, players can receive guidance from Time Patrol Trunks, in order to travel back in time and take part in notable aspects of the history of Dragon Ball.

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There are three confirmed races involved in the game. All the three races are based on the original Dragon Ball manga series and are comparable to the original series. Each race is further divided in categories according to their qualities. The three listed races are:


1. Martial Artist – They are specialized in martial arts, like Krillin or Yamcha.

2. Spiritualist - Mystics who specializes in spiritual techniques, like Chaozu.

3. Engineer - Inventors who specialize in building weapons, like Bulma.


1. Dragon Clan – They have special abilities including healing, such as Dende.

2. Warrior - They are the members of the Warrior caste, including Piccolo.


1. Strange Majin – Slender and evil looking.

2. Large Majin - Fat and happy looking majin.

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