Dragon Quest IX: Protectors of the Sky

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One of the longest running game series is back with their new installment. Dragon Quest IX Hoshizora no Mamoribito or Doragon Kuesuto Nain Hoshizora no Mamoribito or Dragon Quest IX: Defenders of the Starry Sky in English. IT will be ninth in this great list of Dragon Quest series. Just like the previous games of the series Dragon Quest IX it will be published by Square Enix, largest fantasy game makers of the world. The game is developed by Level-5. Dragon Quest IX will only be released for Nintendo DS. Release date foe the Japan is confirmed being July 11, 2009 and foe the US and Europe it is still to be announced, most probably it will be released in Q4 of 2009. Genre of the game will be Role-playing game and will be released in single played as well as multiplayer mode. For the multiplayer mode players can use Nintendo DS wi-fi connection.

Plot details are not revealed by the developers. Because of the name of the title it is believed theta the game will feature angels. Dragon Quest IX will start kingdom of angels where angels resides. The protagonist of the game is believed to be created by the angels. Issue 33 of NGamers Magazine confirms that the protagonist of the game is not an angel. In the game angels want to go to the God’s Land, however they need a rare flower known as Goddess fruit in order to leave their kingdom. The very rare flower they are looking for can be found on World Tree, but only after the tree is empowered with “Star Auras.” Following the legacy of the Dragon Quest series Dragon Quest IX will be a turn-based combat. Single and multiplayer node will be released for the game and other then plying against each other there will be a co-operative mode. Co-operative mode for the game will support upto four players and can be played via the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. There will be quest system and the quest will then further feature sub-stories. Quests will include helping non-player character around the world. Quest will result in interlocking and uncloking many stages. Some of the early quests will include stealing with fellow thief, collecting magical spring water and killing monsters.

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First hint for the release of the game was given by Koichi Sugiyama in mid of 2006, when he was spotted by Famitu commenting that he is not sure about the release date but Dragon Quest IX is under development. On the eve of 20th anniversary of Dragon Quest series Square Enix announced Dragon Quest IX exclusively for Nintendo DS. Like this will be the first Dragon Quest game to debut on a handheld console. The game was delayed twice in order to give it a better gameplay. First trailer for the game was released at the Tokyo Game Show 2008. The trailer ends with unveiling release date March 2009. Some time later s new trailer was released by Square Enix correcting the release dates as March 28, 2009. Release date was further delayed by Square Enix, to July 11 for the Japan.

Delaying of the game is worrying news for the Final Fantasy fans, because president of Square Enix Yoichi Wada told the fans that delaying of Dragon Quest IX can cause some problem to the release of Final Fantasy XIII. The game is in news from the day of its announcement. On January 1, 2009 Dragon Quest IX was named as the most anticipated game in Japan. The survey was conducted by Famitsu magazine. The game it removed from the top was yet another Square Enix production, Final Fantasy XIII. It was removed from the top spot nearly after 15 months.

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