Edge of Twilight

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Edge of Twilight is an upcoming game for famous “steampunk fantasy” game. All the steampunk media is quite famous and is known worldwide. Edge of Twilight is one of rare game for the steampunk genre. The game is developed by Fuzzyeyes Studios. The Studio is looking Edge of Twilight as a big break. Initially it was announced that the game would be only release for Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows versions. However, it was later confirmed by the developers that a PlayStation 3 version is also considered for the release.

Edge of Twilight is a 3rd person action-adventure game. The game is in news for its post-apocalyptic settings. The steampunk world is divided into two different realms of day and night respectively. The storyline is not revealed by the developers. Most probable idea for the story of the game, during a journey our hero will become a pert of a complex storyline. The storyline is so confusing that it will be difficult for you to decide between good and evil.

Story of the Edge of Twilight is about a fantasy world after the Rift, because of the Rift the world is divided into two separate realms of Day and Night. The settings of the game are completely post-apocalyptic. The character player will assume will be of Lex, a bounty hunter. Unfortunately, the he was caught up in the clash of between two civilizations named as Atherns and the Lithem. They are fighting for a vast source of energy source. In the battle Litherns losses the fight and thus becomes of victims of genocide at the hands of Atherns. It was presumed that no Litherns survived. The character, Lex is the sole surviving half-breed in the world. Because he is a Hybrid, he can travel in both the realms of day and night. This ability will become the world’s only chance to avoid falling into darkness forever.

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Edge of Twilight is a third person prospective game. Some hack and slash items are also included in the game. The gameplay of the game is similar to that of the Devil May Cry. Special features of the game include a dynamic camera that quickly changes the viewpoint during movements like jumping big obstacles. As seen from the trailer. In general, features of the game include:

  • A new brand of fast-paced cinematic combat and action that adapts depending on the character’s persona and the player’s reactions
  • A world divided into the realms of Day and Night, and an antihero torn between two personas, each possessing its own distinct abilities
  • A unique, twisting and captivating storyline that dynamically alters based on the player’s level of involvement
  • A living, breathing world populated by an interesting and wildly different cast of characters.
  • An immense post-apocalyptic world that combines both steampunk and alternative fantasy elements.
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