Electronic Arts — “We see farther.”

Ea Electronic Arts -- We see farther.

Electronic Arts (E A) any one from this gaming world is familiar to this name. For about two decades, they are one of the best game producers in the world. Electronic Arts (E A) is a United States based international distributor, developer and publisher of video games. In the start of the year, 1982 EA was established. It took time but soon the company was one of the pioneers in the gaming world and in the field of home computers. EA got fame as a company promoting the designer and programmers responsible for its games. Originally, EA was launched as a home computing game publisher. In the early 1990’s they began developing games and supported consoles. EA grew through achievements of its various developers. Until now, they had produced more than 300 games under the production names-EA games and EA sports. By the arrival of the new millennium, the year 2000 EA was ranked as No. one third party publishers. In 2007 EA was ranked 8th on the list of largest software companies of the world. Company’s yearly revenue for the year 2008 was US $4.02 billion. EA’s most successful products are games from long running franchise like Need for Speed, Medal of Honor, The Sims, Battlefield, sports game under EA Sports and games based on popular movie licenses.

EA produce games under four Electronic Arts labels: EA games, EA sports, EA casual entertainment, and The Sims label.

EA games—-the home for largest number of studio and development teams. Games produced under this label are mainly of action-adventure, role playing, racing and combat genre. Other than producing traditional packaged games, EA games also develop massively multiplayer online role-playing games.

EA sports —- All the realistic, casuals, and freestyle sports-based titles from EA are produced under this label.

EA casual Entertainment— Creates and publishes casual games for gamers and non-traditional gamers.

“The Sims” Label— life simulation games and online communities, include those with Sims titles are developed and marketed under the name of this label.

ea%20games Electronic Arts -- We see farther.

EA was always been a critics favored company. Most of its games scores over 70/100 mark. All the games produced under Need for speed a racing series franchise scored more than 75 according to metacritic, a website that collates reviews on games. For the year 2006 average score of EA games was 72.0 only trailing Nintendo by 2.5 points and leading all the other major game producers including Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft and Activision. Battlefield 2, Crysis, and Rock Band are three of the games from EA which received universal acclaim (score 90 or greater) from metacritic, since 2005. No other Company had produced two or more games with a universal acclaim since 2005.

Although being a successful gaming developer and publisher EA’s received criticism for most of its latest games that they lack innovation. Especially in sporting franchise. It was stated that these games only updates game mechanics, the user interface, and graphics. Still its sales are rising day to day. One more comparison stated that compared to Ubisoft and Activision EA’s innovation just crawls. EA has announced that it is turning its attention to creating new game IP’s in order to stem this trend, with the help of recently acquired and critically acclaimed studios Bioware and Pandermic. However, one thing is concluded that EA is providing us the games that can hold us on for hours. Till date EA’s sales is in millions and still counting

underground%202 Electronic Arts -- We see farther.

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