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Final Fantasy XIII is an upcoming game of the world’s longest and most game producing franchise Final Fantasy. It is developed by Square Enix and is a console role-playing game. Initially it will be released for PlayStation 3 in Japan and then for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in Europe and North America. It was first appeared in E3 2006, and again like other games of Final Fantasy franchise it features a high tech world of future. Final Fantasy is the flagship title of the FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS Final Fantasy XIII collection. Its mythology is same as that of Final Fantasy Versus XIII Final Fantasy Agito XIII, but they are not directly to each other. Director and scenario writer of the previous Final Fantasy titles will direct and write the game’s story.

The concept of Final Fantasy XIII battle is command based battles with strategic nature. Main motive of the concept for the game is to create battles similar to the previous title Final Fantasy VIII Advent Children. Battle sequences are integrated into world environment, just like Final Fantasy XII. The Active Time Battle (ATB) system is back with modifications. Only a Prototype of the game was shown during E3 2006. Square Enix later revealed in the various Japanese magazines a new battle footage. Mostly it was same as the Prototype shown in E3. The font and the battle system were unchanged. The main character’s command seems dividing into two columns. You can use three commands and release them at the same time. Other than, the traditional commands like Attack, fire, and Cure there are one more command “launch” is added although its effect’s are unknown. MP system is missing but a new system known as “cost points” is introduced. A world map is also missing from the screenshots of the battle interface. A Chain/Break bar had replaced the Overlock gauge from the prototype battle, but the function remains unknown. You are able to view the HP of an enemy before you engages it in battle. When the player engages an enemy, position of the camera changes and the battle menu appears.

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Fal’Cie is the focus of the plot; it’s a race existing beyond humanity. I’Cie are the Fal’Cie serving for greater purpose. They were ordered to create a shell like City of Cocoon for the humans. With the help of a crystal, they creates a City named Pulse. After some time people of the cocoon City became worried of their world as the City is hanging in the middle of nothing. People has strange effects of Pulse City. Therefore, the holy government of cocoon City decide to eliminate anyone with the feeling. A former soldier of their mighty army is given the task to bring the downfall of humanity and downfall of cocoon.

The full cast of Final Fantasy is unknown, only a few characters are shown in the game. Lighting seems to be the main character of the game. She is a young woman associated with cocoon military, and given a task by the crystal. Her partner is a young male named Snow Villiers, who wears bandana, rides the summoned spirit Shiva sisters in their motorcycle form, and carries a large gun. Oerba Dia Vanille is the third character of the game. She is s girl with a red brown hair worn in pigtail and lives in Pulse. Its shown in the trailer that she is captured by cocoon.

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Square Enix issued a statement reminding consumers that they will be the first one to release the date. At E3 during a Microsoft’s meeting they announced that Final Fantasy XIII FABULA NOVA CRYSTALLIS will be first launch on PlayStation 3 in Japan and then in Europe and America.

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