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Halo Wars is an upcoming game for Xbox 360. It will be a real time strategy game only to be released on Xbox 360. Don’t get confused by the name, as it will not be a first person shooter like the other games of the Halo franchise. However, it is similar to Halo as it is also set in the fictional Halo universe, 20 years before the start of first game of the Halo series Halo: Combat Evolved. Halo Wars is to be released in the PAL territories on February 27 and in North America on March 3, 2009. It is developed by the famous Ensemble Studios. Ensemble studios first hinted the release of the game in mid 2006. The game was officially announced on September 27 at Microsoft’s X06 Xbox show. The game was an attempt to bring together the Halo shooter fans to play a real time strategy title and experienced strategy players to play Halo game.

Halo Wars is a real time strategy game specifically designed for Xbox 360 console. Players have to manage resources and create and maintain buildings and armies to complete objectives. Two playable factions in the game are humans UNSC and alien covenant. Both of them have their own units, strengths, and special abilities. The armies of the players are established by building and expanding bases. The units are trained and upgrades are resourced. Base locations are rare in the game making them defense key priority. After the destruction of the last base, if a new base is not created it may result in defeat of the player. Buildings upgraded, Units are trained, and all the special abilities are utilized by using resources known as supplies. Supplies may be found on the battlefields and claimed, but the bulk of supplies are generated by building special structures at bases.

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Halo: Combat Evolved was supposed to be a real time strategy game. However, the developers of the game Bungie Studios were bought by Microsoft and the game changed to first person shooter for Xbox console. After the huge success of Halo, Bungie produced two of the most hit sequels of all time. The sequels Halo 2 and Halo 3 are two of the most selling first person shooter. After producing however, these legendary games Bungie Studios separated themselves from Microsoft and became an independent once again. A small demonstration of the game was shown at E3 2007. A few months later, a video narrated by the Lead Designer was released on Xbox live marketplace. Before the presenting the game to Microsoft they developed the controls for six months, because the real time strategy games were criticized for their controls.

Official Xbox Magazine in their October 2007 issue stated that there a playable demo for Halo Wars will be available before release of the game. Playable demo for the game was released on February 5. Redemption codes were released even before the release of the demo on 29 January. In a press conference, Microsoft stated that Halo Wars set a one-day record for most download. In the last five days, it was downloaded by 5 million users.

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