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Hearts of Iron III is the upcoming installment in the series of Heart of Iron. Released for the genre of grand strategy games, Heart of Iron series was first released in the year 2002 for PC users. Heart of Iron III is the expansion of Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon. The game was announced on August 20, 2008 scheduled date for the game is somewhere in Q3 of 2009. The game is developed by Paradox Interactive, they later on publishes it also for Microsoft Windows. Right now only Microsoft Windows version is announced, the developers are promising a Mac OS version after the initial release of the game. Heart of Iron III will release in the genre of Real-time grand strategy and will have two modes as single and multiplayer.

Continuing the legacy of Heart of Iron games, players will be allowed to take control of any of the nation that existed or even believably existed during the era of 1936-1948, or between World War II. Players will have to take many decisions, which will be the main feature of the gameplay. This will include division movement, navy, air wings, diplomacy, research and politics. Strategy of war will need an improved leadership in the game.

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First announcement of the game reads that there will be more focus on implanting new features and a new system in the game. There will be more then 14,000 land provinces in the game thus giving it a significant increase from any of the Paradox game. very first trailer of the game were screened at Games Convention in Leipzig, showing new features such as 3D graphics. Before the release of the game it was known under the codename of “Project Mayhem”. It let fans confused that it could be the sequel of any other Paradox game. What seems gentler about the game is you will not only give the chance to play as fascists, Nazis, and communists but to play as the nations who had little or next to zero input in the World War II. Imagine playing Poland and stop the German blitzkrieg even fro a week, and will make difference in the game, play with Costa Rica or Switzerland. Tech tree option of the Hearts of Iron III is also deeper from the previous games of the series. Different units from different countries will perform differently. As for example tanks from Germany will be built differently that from American tanks. You can feel the change as you play them. One more new idea of the game is government in exile. If you are defeated and forced to leave the country you can flee to some other country and set up a new Force and can run a rebel campaign or guerilla attacks to get back your homeland. This feature sounds great and a real twist to the normal old World War II style. However what seems disappointing is that Paradox has only concentrated on the criticism of the previous games and tried to solve them, instead of going for new ideas.

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As discussed above Heart of Iron III will be different from Heart of Iron II, differences will be as follows:

  • Land combat has been revised; each battle is now limited by ‘frontage’ available. Different from any of other games of the HOI (Heart of Iron) series, where all units fired at all other divisions.
  • Maps are more detailed specially in the parts, which saw bloodiest battles of the world War II.
  • Revised naval combat with each ship in a formation assuming a position individually in the combat space.
  • Leadership will play an important part in the game, as it will directly affect the quality of research rates, spying and military units.
  • Units of the game from different forces will be built from component parts of the respective forces. For example Naval and Air units will be built on components such as armament and engines.

System requirements for the game will include.

  • Windows XP or Windows Vista.
  • 1024 MB or more of RAM (2048 MB for Vista Users).
  • 256 MB DirectX 9.0c compliant video card with 2.0 vertex and            pixel
  • shaders.

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