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Invizimals is an augmented reality video game. You can say it is not just a game but an innovative use of technology in the world of gaming. Invizimals will be released in PAL regions in the month of November this year. The game is developed by Novarama for the platform of PlayStation Portable. As the game will only launch on PSP Invizimals will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe. The game is a collectible creature game like Pokemon. It will be bundled with PSP’s Camera attachment on launch. PSP is loaded with a camera and fiduciary marker. Because of the technological approach of the game it received many awards at E3 2009. Some of the awards Invizimals received at E3 2009 are Special Achievement for Technological Excellence, Special Achievement for Innovation, Best New Gameplay Mechanic and runner up in Game of the Show.

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Gameplay of Invizimals will have many similarities to the gameplay of Pokemon series. Just like the Pokemon series players will be assigned with a job to capture animals from various species. Once player’s got enough and powerful animals they can battle with these animals against each other using wireless facility of PSP or against an AI. But one difference that makes it completely different from Pokemon series and from any other game is the use of augmented reality. Unlike the Pokemon series players will have to hunt and capture these creatures within the real world, utilizing the concept of augmented reality. Especially for the game a camera is attached for PlayStation Portable and a device used as fiduciary marker is also attached with PSP. Physical Trap is the name coined for the device. Creatures are named simply as Monsters; they can spawn at different time and in different environments like air, water and land. The physical trap is used to capture these monsters. After capturing the monsters players can raise their and level them and teach them new attacks and techniques that can be used in battle. The trap can also be used to view and interact with their monsters. Keeps your finger crossed a wait for the game as soon you will be seen capturing real world monsters in your PlayStation Portable.

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