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Just Cause was one of the finest games of the sandbox game genre. It was different from the other sandbox style games as it provides you different environments, more playable areas and more realistically. Now they have a new game for you Just Cause 2, just like its predecessor it will also be a sandbox style action video game. It is developed by Swedish developer Avalanche Studios and will be published by Eidos Interactive. Earlier it was planned by Eidos Interactive to launch the game on Christmas 2008 but because of some reasons it was postponed and now, Just Cause 2 will be released at the end of 2009.

Just Cause 2 will be released with a new version of the famous game engine Avalanche Engine, Avalanche 2.0. As it uses updated version of the game engine it is expected to be more detailed in graphics then the previous one. Opposite to Just Cause, it set on the either side of the world. Game is based on a fictional tropical island of Panau in South East Asia. Main protagonist of the game is once again Rico Rodriguez. Main objective of Rico is to overthrow Evil dictator Baby Panay and face his former boss, Tom Sheldon.

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As it is, a sandbox style game player is to be free to roam anywhere in the open world at will without having to focus on the games storyline, just like Grand Theft Auto series. According to the lead designer of the game, Peter Johansson Just cause is loaded with new improvements and additional features. AI is re-written for the game. It uses a new planning system, which enables enemies to do all sort of things. Like enemies can take cover behind objects, use environment to their advantage, and they are adaptive to the objects around them. Most importantly, it features a V.A.T.S. like system and you can shoot pinpoint on specifics areas. V.A.T.S.system is Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System. It slow downs or freezes the real-time combat and action is played from various camera angles. Hybrid aiming is involved instead of the traditional aiming. Now with the help of that you can shoot the enemies more rapidly.

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Just Cause 2 also features an adaptive difficulty system; it gradually manages the difficulty as the game proceeds. Game takes place on a fictional island of Panau. It is situated in Malay Archipelago. Geographical conditions of Panau resembles to both New Zealand and Hawaii. Many new weapons are included in the Just Cause 2. One handed grenade launcher, a remote triggered C4, detachable mounted mini gun and laser-controlled rocket launcher are few of the new weapons included. You can even drive a Jumbo Jet in Just Cause 2. This time handling the vehicles heavily depends on the ground surface. Fro example on a flat road sports car is best for driving, but on a rough off road area, it will be worst. Vehicles are damageable with various parts deforms as from damaged vehicles.

You have to acquire vehicles and weapons on your own. As Rico is not a member of any agency. For the weapons player contacts a black market guy early in the game. You can buy vehicles and weapons from him and get them delivered to specific locations via air transport. Vehicles and weapons keeps on adding in the black market as the player advances in the game. All the weapons and vehicle can be upgraded in several steps. You can now customize your vehicles as well as weapons. Around 2,000 can be acquired in the game.

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