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L.A. Noire is an upcoming video game under the unique genre of detective action. It is being developed by Team Bondi. Two of the biggest names of the industry will publish L.A. Noire. Rockstar Games and PlayStation 3 are the two publisher of the game respectively. Rockstar Games is famous for producing blockbuster series of games like Max Payne and Grand Theft Auto and PlayStation 3 is one of the best game consoles of the seventh generation. L.A. Noire is often compared to Max Payne presented in the theme of detective action. Expected release date for L.A. Noire ism 31st December 2009 for United States and European countries.

L.A. Noire is set in perfectly recreated Los Angeles of late 1940’s. Main motive of the players is to solve a series of murders. To complete the task they are given an open-ended environment. There players have to put pieces of puzzles together to solve a series of murders in the area. The post World War II settings will include the noir necessity of corruption, as well as drugs and jazz themes. The noire coloring-style are used in the game to give it a feel of detective movies of 1940’s. Very less information is out about the game but Rockstar Games has given some impression of the game in the first trailer. The “Noire” part of the name is reference to the film noir genre. It was a style of black-and-white movie which was popular from the 1940s to the 1950s. L.A. Noire is also notable due to the use of Lightsprint’s real-time global illumination technology. Team Bondi announced that the game is in its final phase. The game would be released soon.

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Brendan McNamara, Team Bondi’s president responded to the interview of Kristen Reed that stated that “the project is fully funded by Sony Computer Entertainment America. We have a long term exclusive arrangement with SCEA.” The announcement was made in February 2004. On June 11, Take-Two-Interactive, the sole publisher for Rockstar Games confirmed the date of release for PlayStation 3 version. The magazine listed it in the “announced to date” titles for “fiscal 2008.” However in an another meeting Take Two implied that both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 version will be released and L.A. Noire is developed for next generation systems. However L.A. is officially announced only for PlayStation 3. Later in September Take Two announced the game was delayed until their 2009 fiscal year.

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