LEGO Universe

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LEGO Universe is an upcoming massively multiplayer online game. NetDevil is the company developing LEGO Universe. NetDevil is famous for Jumpgate one of the best known massively multiplayer online game (MMOG). Releasing date is uncertain, it was scheduled for a 2009 release. This date was postponed from its earlier scheduled date of late November 2008 and first release date of mid 2008. The NetDevil are considering releasing only the PC version of the game. Lego Universe will be available on DVD and internet.

A trailer showing concepts of the game was leaked on the internet. These include many features of the game like character customization using the traditional Lego method, a Lego city populated with sets from numerous different themes. A short theatrical battle between an eye-patched Lego minifigure and a “Darkling” was also shown in the trailer. It was confirmed by Lego that Lego Universe will be cooperatively played with others to complete various tasks. Just opposite to the player versus player (PvP) gameplay. Players can also customize their weapons once they reach level thirty. Although customizable weapons will be less powerful.

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The Lego Universe website has gone through two main changes. First it was a website with a gallery, front page news, and an archive of past letters. In June 2008’s newsletter a new update along with the revelation of the Lego Universe was launched on Lego Universe’s new website. Lego is allowing fans to upload photos of Lego creation they have made into the Creation Lab so the Lego Universe Staff will have an idea of what to include in the game.

Wonderland is one of the Lego Universe areas. It was stated according to an image in the map section. The currency used in the game is plastic, which can be used to create Lego Bricks. On the main page of the Lego Universe official site there is a box to enter in VIP codes. You cam get these codes from the newsletter and from the events. You have to be careful while entering these codes, they are shown in all caps but do not have to enter in that way. They will allow you to downloads such as pictures and videos. It has been confirmed on the official website of Lego Universe that Lego Universe will be based on a subscription model. That means you have to monthly to play.

Game server hosting

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