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Natural Selection was one of the most played Half-Life modifications. For the First time players were offered a different and wonderful blend of first person shooter with Real-time strategy gameplay. A sequel is under development that time only. Natural Selection 2 is an upcoming game for Microsoft Windows. The game will be a direct sequel to Natural Selection. Just like the previous game, it will be a multiplayer computer game blend in real-time strategy and first person shooter. The game is based in a science fiction universe, which is currently under development. Natural Selection 2 is developed and published by Unknown Worlds Entertainment. For the game engine it uses a Proprietary game engine. Date of release is still to be announced by the developers.

The game will be distributed through Steam. The game will be available in multiplayer mode. For the development status of the game the developers are maintaining a blog as well as they are active on Unknown Worlds Entertainment forums. Few screenshots of the game were released by game designers Max Mcguire and Charlie Cleveland, on August 31, 2007. From that day onwards audio updates are released for the game on regular intervals. In these audio updates developers discuss about the funding, development process and other basic information of the game. Game engine for Natural Selection 2 was exchanged from Source to a custom engine. Reason for the change was a balance in between flexibility needed and some problems in the cost of license.

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Officially the game was announced on October 2006. Development was handed over to newly established Natural Selection’s creator Unknown Worlds. Concept artwork was handed over to Cory Strader and Charlie Cleveland was once again working on main core of the game. Possible features for then game were announced on December 1, 2006. They were named as ‘Dynamic Infestation’. Later a video containing an example of Dynamic Infestation’ was posted on the development blog of Unknown Worlds. It was reported that Unknown Worlds established a new office and hiring more employees. Game engine was changed form Source to other engine on July 10, 2008. The new engine is yet to be named.

Continuing the legacy of the previous game there will be two races in the game aliens and humans. All the marine weapons and the alien abilities will have alternative fire. As the Natural Selection 2 is set to be based few years later in the future weaponries are said to be believed to be more advanced and have alternate fire. Many concepts for the weapons have been created Nate Wolcott. The unnamed game engine for the game was originally developed for loading Source engine media. The new game engine will use Lua as the scripting language for game logic. It will allow easy expansion for the game’s mechanics. Physics is said to support multi-player experience and I supported by many third party libraries.

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