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Need for Speed is the most famous racing game series for every gaming platform. First game of the Need for Speed series better known as NFS was released in the year 1994. Since then the series has produced 15 games so far. NFS is known for introducing car customization option in the racing genre. NFS series is published by gaming giants EA (Electronic Arts). All the games of the series are developed by various studios of the EA games like EA Black Box, EA Los Angeles, EA Redwood Visceral Games, and EA Digital Illusions CE. All of the games of the series proved hit so far, but few of the last entries were criticized for lack of innovation. To solve the problem EA is coming back with new installment Need for Speed: Shift. In January 2009, EA announced three more games Need for Speed: Nitro, Need for Speed: Shift and Need for Speed: World Online. Shift is developed by Blimey! Games, previously known as Slightly Mad Studios. They are famous for their titles like GTR 2 and GTR Legends. A new model for the series is adopted by EA, making games more focused towards hardcore gamers. Shift will be more focused on simulation racing and drifting rather than the arcade racing like previous titles. Gameplay is more about simulating the driver experience, not street racing.

Shift is under development for two years, it was confirmed by producer Jesse Abney. He also explained about the new “Driver experience” you will feel in the game. An important role is played by the g-force in the game; it will affect both player and the AI. In car view is returning back, it’s the first time the in car view is back since Porsche Unleashed. The in-car view will be highly detailed and you can see some movements of the driver never seen in any in-car view, like moving head to get a better view of the Mirror and changing gear. Crashes will cause and blur in the screen affecting the player visually. Sound effects are detailed minutely and car crash sound will be a detailed. A sharp grasp of breath from the driver before the accident can also be listened.

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Car customization is enhanced more deeply both performance and visual fields. Some of the customizations include tires, brakes, differential, and Gears. Most famous part of the customization Nitrous will be realistic then it was in the previous titles of NFS. You can customize both interior and exterior of the car. Tracks of the game will be a combination of fictitious an real tracks like Brands Hatch. Electronic Arts is not revealing anything on raced modes, Drifting is the only mode confirmed by the developers so far. There will be 80 cars in the game. They will range from classic cars to Modern sports cars. Some of the cars included in the game are Mazda RX-7, McLaren F1 and Nissan Skyline 2000GT-R. Cover of the game will feature 2009 BMW M3GT2, announcements were made on May 29 by Electronic Art. Soundtrack of Shift will be similar to previous game of series Need for Speed: ProStreet. It will feature a scored soundtrack instead of general track list like in the previous titles such as Need for Speed: Carbon and Need for Speed: Most Wanted. Shift Will be released on three different dates for three different places. For Europe its September 17, for United Kingdom it is September 18 and for North America it will be September 22. The game will be released on five different consoles, they will be Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, PSP (PlayStation Portable), PlayStation 3, iPhone OS and Mobile phones.

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