Need for Speed: World Online

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Need for Speed: World Online is not just the forthcoming title of the greatest and longest running racing video game franchise Need for Speed, but it will be the best game ever released under the genre of MMORG or massively multiplayer online racing game. After the release of Motor City Online back in 2001, this will be first title of Need for Speed of this genre. Need for Speed: World Online will be published and developed by Electronic Arts, with assistance of EA Singapore and EA Black Box. The game will be released on Microsoft Windows as a free to play MMORG. Release dates are not confirmed but it may release in the Summers of 2009 in Japan and for North America in Winters of 2009. The game will be huge and vast. According to the Keith Munro, EA Marketing Manager “this Play for Free action racing game will give Need for Speed fans the most licensed cars, parts and game modes ever in Need for Speed’s history. An official trailer released, confirming Lamborghini, Lexus, Porsche, Pagani Zonda and return of the police. Promo image for NFS World Online is a Nissan 350Z racing in the Chinatown of Palmont (the city of Need for Speed: Carbon) in mid-day.

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Need for Speed: World Online producer Scott Henshaw mentioned in an interview that the North American and European versions will be different from the Asian version. Also confirmed by the developers is the fact that the game will feature cities of Rockport and Palmont, which were featured in Need for Speed: Most Wanted and Need for Speed: Carbon respectively. Cop mode will be exciting to play, together with co-op and team based cop play. Whether the game will have cities is not confirmed. One more thing not confirmed by the developers is dynamic day/night cycle. However, the screenshots shows both day and night settings. Need for Speed: World Online will be exciting to play since it will be the largest NFS game ever released. Most exciting will be the co-op cop play mode. So get ready to compete players from all over the world.

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