Alan Wake

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Alan Wake is an upcoming action psychological thriller video game for Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows. It is under development of the Finnish company, Remedy Entertainment, the one behind best third person shooter of all time Max Payne series. It will be distributed by Microsoft Game Studios. It will be available for Vista version of Windows. The character of the game Alan Wake is inspired by llkka villi. He is a Finnish professional actor and writer.

Alan Wake is a best selling writer. His life is disturbed a bit and he is not able to write anything for past two years. To sort out this his wife Alice brings him to idyllic small town of Bright Falls to recover his creative flow. But everything goes wrong when his wife vanishes without a trace. He finds himself in a nightmare. Now word by word the novel he is looking for and not able to write is coming before his eyes. Not much is revealed about the game. According to the community manager of the game little is posted on the forum of the game community. It shows a message from the game from Alan Wake it reads like “The amount of pages keeps growing each night. Old pages are also edited. They are getting more and more aggressive.

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Gameplay of Alan Wake is different from Max Payne. It will feature many similarities though. Enemies of Alan Wake are not revealed but it known that they are afraid of light. A search light is the most used weapon for Alan Wake. Player can place Booby traps for the enemies, they will illuminate when executed, etc. Light weaken outs the enemies of Alan Wake, so he can take advantage of any of the light sources. This feature of the game is considered interesting aspect of the gameplay. A cinematic trailer of the game was released just before the release of the movie version of Max Payne. The developers of the game Remedy Entertainment also promised that the game would feature a free roaming three-dimensional City just like Grand Theft Auto series. Graphic details of the game seem better then any of the till date game released.

The developers are vague about the story of the game they are, more about the release date of the game. They are unwilling to give any details of the release dates of Alan Wake. Earlier it was stated that Alan Wake will release in 2008 but it was postponed to an unknown date. The developers also stated that there would not be any shared official homepages for the release date. Official homepage of the game will be the first to launch the released date for the game.

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