Ninja Blade

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Ninja Blade is continuously featured in various lists of most awaited games for the year 2009. It is developed by Adventure Core games famed From Software for Xbox 360. Ninja Blade has been classified as a “Cinematic action games.” Gameplay of Ninja Blade cane be considered as a combination of hack and slash elements with context sensitive commands. Characters of Ninja Blade are designed by Capcom’s Keiji Nakaoka and a track by Norhiko Hibino’s GEM Impact Studio. Storyboards and animation are from Production I.G. Ninja Blade is published by Microsoft Game Studios. It was released in North America on April 7, 2009. A demo was released for the game was released in Japan and North America on December 29 and March 10, 2008 respectively. Engine for the game is Havok.

Ninja Blade is a story of a small village, attacked by unknown creatures. Survivors are forced to move to facility where they undergo various examinations. After the incident the village is marked as “Alpha-Site.” In the research facility survivors starts showing symptoms flesh eating disease. Survivors are found to carrying a type of Hook worm, classified as “Alpha-worm.” Their bodies’ stops showing response to traditional medicine and it cause them genetic failures. Researchers try to stop the genetic failures but they are unable to because due to the infection there bodies are grown strength and resilience.

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As the infected are growing stronger they are also growing violent and insane. The infected broke free one day and attack the researchers. Only few of the researches survive and later find themselves infected. To control the situation military is send to sterilize the site. Military raids the facility and destroys all traces of the infected and Alpha-worms. All the events of Alpha-worm are kept secret by the government to prevent panic. Over the years there have been many outbreaks but all of them are eliminated by the G.U.I.D.E. squad. Government was confident that they have could control the spread of Alpha-worm until now.

Initial idea for Ninja Blade came when From Software were looking for a game to the gamer to be enjoyed in the same manner as from a Hollywood action flick. Protagonist of the game is developed by From Software working closely with Microsoft. Protagonist is named as Ken Ogawa. The character of the Ken Ogawa is developed by Keiji Nakaoka, who works for Capcom 2nd Character Development Studio as a designer. Before being announced Ninja Blade was coined as Otogi 3 by many sources. Planner for Ninja Blade Kazuhiro Hamatani cleared that the game is not a direct sequel to the Otogi series. But Ninja Blade will contain action-adventure elements of which the Otogi fans would like.

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