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Often called as PSN within the gaming industry PlayStation Network is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery. Provided by   Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3, PSP (PlayStation portable), and on There were 14 million active registered PlayStation Network accounts worldwide. Users made 273 million downloads as last updated on 17, November. Taking into consideration last times Microsoft Xbox live was proved a big eat and cause major setback in PlayStation 2’s sales, PSN was included with PlayStation 3.

You can register for PSN through PlayStation 3 console, a PSP or a PC. You can register for two kinds of accounts as: Master accounts and Sub accounts. Master accounts allow full access to all settings and only consider above 18 users, whereas sub accounts has its own limitations set by the master account holder. There can be multiple master accounts to PSN for access to PlayStation store as no PlayStation 3 serial no is required.

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PlayStation store is an online shopping based service provided on the PlayStation network. Many downloads are free on PSN store but for premium content like full version download of PlayStation classic games, PSP and other downloadable content for full fledge experience of PlayStation 3; you have to pay for it. You can pay either by physical currency or by PlayStation network cards. PlayStation network cards are prepaid cards used to buy PlayStation 3 contents. They are available on various stores. PlayStation store updates every Thursday, with full content as game demos, game trailers, movie trailers, and game add-ons.

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Observing the grown enthusiasm of PlayStation fans Sony computer entertainment decided to launch a PlayStation dedicated magazine named as Qore. This will be a weekly publication. In addition, adding to that Sony announced a virtual online community based service, PlayStation Home. Users can create their own Avatars that will have their own Home Space. A user can decorate it items, either by purchasing or by receiving through various achievements attained from certain games. With these add-ons, Sony’s PlayStation product is reaching the heights. Last time PlayStation 2 was lagging due to absence of an online service that proved lethal for Sony as Microsoft’s Xbox gain market. However, this time they are the front-runners. With already 16.84 million PlayStation, console’s sold Sony is still wrapping up the market.

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