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Galactrix or Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is a puzzle video game of bejeweled style and it will be completely downloadable. It is developed by Infinite Interactive for the platforms of Nintendo DS, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3’s PlayStation Network and Xbox 360’s Xbox Live Arcade service. Puzzle Quest: Galactrix incorporates Bejeweled as the core combat mechanic. Visually Galactrix is similar to Hexic games, i.e. tiles are hexagonal in shape therefore can be swapped in six directions. Publishers for the game are D3. There is a full featured campaign mode alongwith an online multiplayer mode supporting 2-4 players. Downloadable content will include items, ships, plans, planets missions and factions. The game was released on three different dates for PC and DS it was released on February 24, 2009. For XBLA and PSN the game was released on April 8 and May 7, respectively.

Just like the original Puzzle Quest, Galactrix will have Bejeweled-style of gameplay with few exceptions. In Galactrix, tiles will be shaped hexagonally and gravity will play an important role in how they fall. If you are playing in open space new tiles will come from the direction where you made your previous move, while if the match is taking place near a planet then tiles will always fall downwards. Going different from the original Puzzle Quest, all the quest of Galactrix will take place on different star systems, various planets and the entire galaxy. According to the publishers of the game D3, a diplomacy system is included in the game, it will give the ability to customize, collect and build ships.

Puzzle%20Quest%20Galactrix-1 Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

Two type of the tiles used in the game will be as follows:

Numbered attack tiles: whenever any of the numbered tiles is matched, the damage done will be the sum of all the numbers on any attacks tile you complete.

Colored Tiles: These tiles will be colored as yellow, green, blue, purple, and red. Yellow tiles correspond to the player’s engine gauge, red tiles are related to the players weapon gauge, blue recharge ships shields and green represents the ship’s computer.

There will be six types of puzzles in the game. All of them will use the tiles with some modifications. Six puzzles will be Gathering Rumours, Hacking Leapgates, Combat, Haggling, Crafting, and Mining. There will be four main human factions and they will grew from four Megacorporations that created the LeapGate system. Trident, CyTech, MRI and Lumina are the four human factions in the game and The Soulless and Pirates are the two main enemy factions. There will be small plot incorporated in the game. It starts in a far-distant future where four megacorporations run the whole galaxy. One of them is conduction illegal experiments, which are dangerous to human kind. At the start of the game player will be novice, his experience will grow as the game progress, and he will became more powerful.

Puzzle%20Quest%20Galactrix-2 Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

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