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Rage is an upcoming game, this game is unique in many things. First, one is the genre of the game. Genre for the game will be a blend of First person shooter with racing game. second thing is the team of two gaming giants associated with the game. Rage is being developed by id Software, one of the best technologies in the world of gaming is from id Software. World’s largest third party publisher, Electronic Arts is the name behind the publishing of the game. Other than publishing it Electronic Arts will also do the job of distributing the game. Rage will use The id Tech’s new and latest game engine id Tech 5. Tim Willits will be the designer for the game, he is famous for games like Quake I and Quake II. Rage was announced long back on August 2, 2007 at QuakeCon. Same day a trailer was also released for the game on gametrailers. Com. Rage will release somewhere in 2010 on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Mac OS X.

From all the information available, base of the game seems a post-apocalyptic world. It looks like movies like Mad Max 2, specially the screenshots indicates this. Designers Tim Willits revealed in an interview that the game is set in the near future following a comet collision with the earth. Gameplay of Rage is influenced with games like Burnout and MotorStorm. This was explained by Tim in an interview with Shacknews. Players will be able to upgrade their vehicles from the money they won in races. Single player and multiplayer will be the two modes game will be released.

There are reports that the game is developed for T-for-Teen rating by id. Another report for the Game is that PC, Xbox 360 and Mac version will be shipped on two discs and the PS3 version will be on one Blue-ray Disc. Size of the game is said to be the biggest ever in the gaming world. John Carmack revealed that the size of the game would be around one terabyte in size. id announced its decision on July 14, 2008 to collaborate Electronic Arts for publication of Rage. On the question of Rage on Linux port John Carmack said “ It isn’t a launch platform for us, but an executable may still show up.” Release date is always under suspense. CEO of the company Todd Hollenshead told Gametrailers TV “No, it won’t be out this year,’ when asked about a possible release date. So the game is there all you need to do is wait for the release and get ready with some huge systems for this large or say largest game ever made in human history.

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