Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

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To increase the fan base game developers are trying new concepts. One of  the best and oldest concept is fusing two game genres. Best example is fusing and FPS (First person shooter) with Real time strategy. This is a unique work because FPS and RTS are two of the best genres of gaming also they are two different end points of the gaming line. Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger is an upcoming game of this fused genre. The game is under the development of Atomic Motion, an independent Hungarian company. Publishing job for Raven Squad is assigned to Evolved Games along with SouthPeak Interactive. Some of the best game from all genres and on all consoles are allocated to SouthPeak Interactive for publishing, like Velvet Assassin, Edge of Twilight, X-Blades and many more. Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger will be released on Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. Release date as confirmed by the developers is September 1, 2009. Another game with such fusion is Nuclear Dawn, under the development of Valve Corporation. One major difference between the two games is that Nuclear Dawn also fuse Survival horror with FPS and RTS.

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The game starts with a devastating plane crash in the Amazon rain forest. The plane is said to be carrying top secret data. The top secret is dangerous and if it is captured by the enemies millions of lives will be in danger. A group of mercenaries are called for this dangerous job of rescuing any survivors and retrieving the top secret. This team is expert in these kind of missions. They set out to the field but the fate is against the team and their pane is shot down on route. After the smoke clears the team learns that there are only eight members left and rest of all dead in the crash. Now the team has three targets, rescue, retrieve and survive. The plot of the game follows there search for the targets and the adventures through the most dangerous jungle of the world with most dangerous enemies.  First they try to complete the assigned mission as planned and later they switch to survival as an civil war breaks out between two factions in the jungle.

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Gameplay as told is a fusion of RTS and FPS, you will be free to use any of them. You can play the game in zoomed in classic RTS overhead view or in typical First person view. RTS overhead view is a provided through a group of satellites positioned overhead (Geo-stationary orbit). You can get an 3D view of your surroundings with the help of the satellites. When you zoomed out the view you will be able to control two squads individually with four members each. Two squads will be expert in two distinct combats. One is an in infiltrator and members of the group prefers long range attacks. Other group is an assault squad and they are perfect for close combat. In the infiltrator mode you will have an advantage of far view. This will help you to get an advance view of what lies ahead and using this you can jump on enemies camped out behind buildings or around the corners. Playing in both the views is not compulsory and one can play the whole game ion FPS. At any point of time you can switch to and from the two views. Best option of switch is between the eight players with each one of unique style and qualities.

According to SouthPeak Raven Squad will concentrate more on tactics. The game is said to be difficult as it will be very simple to end the game. Environment of the game is of highly detailed and you will experience lush jungle visuals, dynamic weather, haunting ambient sounds. An co-operative multiplayer mode is also available for the game which can be played friendly online or locally. Players are given with campy dialogues making the game like 80’s classic movies. Featuring the best of both genres, Raven Squad combines both FPS and RTS gameplay for a blazing action experience. Visuals effects of the game are awesome and a matter of discussion all over. All over Raven Squad will be fun to play with best points of fused gameplay, choice between eight players, and beautiful jungle environments. You have to rescue, retrieve and survive.

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