Resorting to Danger

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Most famous fictional feminine character is Nancy Drew, in the year 1930 for the first time she appeared in books and still continues in almost every media culture. Five movies, two television shows and various games are created with Nancy Drew as the main character. One of the famous games is Nancy Drew Dossier series. New game in the Dossier series is Resorting to Danger. The game is basically a mixture of point and click, finding puzzles, and taking puzzles.  Her Interactive company behind more than 22 Nancy Drew games will develop the Resorting to Danger. The game will release in August 2009, although nothing has been confirmed by the developers. According to the official page of the game plot of the game revolves around Nancy Drew on her way to stop a bomber. The bomber intends to ruin Redondo Spa clients relaxation. These high society clients wont be happy if they will come to know that there retreat is about to explode. Loss will be high even if the bombing is just a threat. Nancy on a trail to stop the bomber is working undercover as the Spa gopher. She is catering to the customers eccentric requests and trying to defuse the bomb. From the celebrities to the receptionist everybody is suspect. Nancy has to find who is sabotaging the spa before spa loses all the clients.

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There are many characters and each of them will appear suspicious because of some specific reasons. Main characters of Resorting Danger are :

Helfdan Helgason: he is a genius with all kind of cosmetics, creams, and liquids at Redondo. Question is if he is such a genius then why is he still stuck at the spa?

Jasmine Ivy: A well respected actress in Hollywood, who stops by Redondo to rejuvenate her beauty. Obviously she doesn’t want her fans to know about all these treatments.

Cassidy Jones: a receptionist at Redondo, he dislikes his job. He is highly suspicious as why would a intellectual graduate from Brown University is working as a receptionist?

Nick Bleski: he can do anything for money and the situation is perfect. As a general manger of the Redondo he wants to make as much money as possible. He can plat bomb for insurance money.

Once again Nancy Drew is in the situation with lots of suspects and she got only once chance to reveal about the real culprit. Lets see where this adventure takes our dear girly detective.

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