RSX–The reality synthesizer

RSX%20logo RSX--The reality synthesizer

One of the most anticipated features of the PlayStation 3 is the new GPU that was created for it — the RSX “Reality Synthesizer”. Sony designed the RSX with graphics-card manufacturer Nvidia. The RSX is based on Nvidia’s GeForce graphic technology. It’s a 550-Mhz, 300-million transistor graphics chip. The main base line for RSX is Nvidia 7800GTX graphics processor, and is a G70/G71 hybrid with some modifications. To put that in perspective the number of transistors on the RSX are more than the total number of transistors in both the central processing units and the graphics processing units of the three leading of the three leading current generation systems combined.

Unlike the GPU in the XboX 360, the RSX is built on the traditional independent vertex/pixel shader architecture. Shaders are computer programs that determine the final look of what you seen on the screen when you’re looking at computer animation. The level of graphic details of PlayStation is never seen on a video game console.

RSX RSX--The reality synthesizer

With one HDMI output, the PlayStation 3 supports 480i, 480p, 720p, 1080i, and 1080p. Some of the relevant facts about RSX are:

* 8 vertex shaders at 500Mhz

* 28 pixel shaders at 550Mhz

* 8 Raster Operation Pipelines units (ROP’s).

* Includes 256 MB GDDR3 650Mhz clocked graphics memory

* GDDR3 Memory interface bus width: 128bit

* Rambus XDR memory interface bus width: 56bit out of 64bit (serial)

* Extra texture lookup logic (helps RSX transport data from XDR)

Its the RSX technology that makes Playstation 3 a real time leader in the gaming world.

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