Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

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Sacred a fantasy based action adventure game that sold more than 1.8 million copies in a period of a year. Game was based on a magical continent in Ancaria with characters from all the races like wood elf, vampires and dark elf. After release of the game everybody was looking for one thing how it get started? To answer all the questions regarding the previous events on the continent of Ancaria a new game is developed by Ascaron. The game is named as Sacred 2: Fallen Angel. In order to explain the events that resulted the chaos in the previous game Sacred, the game is based 2,000 years ago. Background for the game is same as that of Sacred, that is fantasy. A completely new engine is developed for the game. This new engine will help game in being completely rendered in correct 3D perspective, while maintaining viewpoint found in the older isometric games. Theme song for the game is made by power metal band Blind Guardian, video sequel with the band is also included. A PC version is already released in the year 2008, now the fans are waiting for the game’s release on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is developed by Ascaron and will be published jointly by cdv Software Entertainment and Deep Silver. Action role playing is the genre for the game. Famous game designer Bob Mates is the producer for the game. The game shows what is the source of force behind all the life and magic on the continent of Ancaria. The force is mysterious and the inhabitants of Ancaria called it T-Energy. This energy was once under the control of Seraphim, an ancient race. However, when time passed they lost interest in Ancaria and gave some part of their control to another race known as High Elves. Using the powers given by Seraphim, High Elves quickly rise in power and became a dominant race in Ancaria. Two factions within High Elves starts fighting with each other. These two factions’ nobility and clergy are trying to take control of the T-Energy. To become the most dominant force of the universe, many races try to take control of T-Energy. These races are taking advantage of the tension between High Elves. All these events are going on and T-Energy is changing into a destructive force. This force starts destroy cities, mutating creatures, and change entire regions uninhabitable. Your choice of campaign will decide whether you will increase the chaos or help in healing the land.

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World of Sacred 2: Fallen Angel is very large and open. There is seamless transitions from region to region and you will not have to wait for new regions to load when you switch between them. Total surface map for the game is 22 square miles. Dungeons and caves featuring in the game goes as far as two levels deep and the buildings up to four stories tall. Action is centered to the open world on the surface. Open world is divided in many kind of parts. Some of the main terrain types will include tropical rain forests, arid deserts, grasslands and many more. Every region will differ from each other in many prospective like terrain, climate, lighting flora, fauna, architecture and inhabitants. There are six playable fixed gender classes. Each class will look differ from each other and will carry different type of equipments and the weapons. Maximum character level is up to 200. Six classes included in the game are: Seraphim, High Elf, Shadow Warrior, Dryad, Inquisitor, and Temple Guardian. In the multiplayer options maximum number of players will vary from platform to platform. Released Microsoft Windows version features 16, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 both will have 4 online and 2 offline players supported. The game rocked on PC lets see what it can do on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Sacred 2: Fallen Angel released on May 12 for PS 2 and June 5 for Xbox 360.

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