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Most famous horror film is coming to video game. It is developed and published by Konami. Saw is an action horror video game. Saw will be released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Microsoft Windows. The game is an alteration of the Saw film series and has an uncertain release date of October 23, 2009. The game was originally developed by Brash Entertainment, but the game was ceased because of financial reason, Konami came up and pick the developing and publishing rights for the game. Saw will use Unreal Engine 3. It will be played from a third person prospective.

Saw takes place between the first and second films and will answer both the films. The game will take place in an abandoned asylum with different Jigsaw traps scattered around the area. Centre of the story is Detective David Tapp’s kidnapping by his alleged suspect, The Jigsaw Killer. Tapp awakens in an abandoned asylum and is forced to work through several of Jigsaw’s traps containing people with connections to Tapp. According to many media sites and magazines, Saw will have moral choices to be made that can result in multiple different endings. Some of the early screens show a man in a Jaw-splitter trap like the one used for the Amanda Young in the first Saw film. According to the producer David S. Cohen, “the game will be a combine action, puzzles. Mystery and terror” and that “it has always been a priority to make sure the Saw video game feels like it is as important part of the puzzle as each film.

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Saw will use Unreal Engine 3, licensed by Epic Games. Throughout the game, the player is expected to make use of number of weapons. According to Dread Central Reveals that Saw will in fact have an online multiplayer component because, “working together will help you survive the game.” Throughout the game player will take control of several characters. The game will be played through the third person perspective.

The game was first presented at a press event on January 22, 2008 where a teaser trailer was shown. The trailer showed franchise staple Billy the Puppet preaching to reporters about their wasted lives. Some gameplay elements from one of the traps featured in the game. Oren Koules producer of the Saw movie series revealed that the characters in the game will be voiced by the corresponding actors who portrayed in the film. The game’s soundtrack will be fulfilled by all the music released for the every Saw film. The game was cased under the development of Brash Entertainment. After some time it was stated that Brash Entertainment was developing the game with Twisted Pictures, the game was left in the space. On February 6, 2009, Konami picked the game up for development and distribution. Since then Konami has released total 9 screenshots. First set of three screen-shots were released on April 3, it showed a worn down corridor with a collapsed floor. Other two pictures displayed a man in a Jaw-splitter trap like the one Amanda Young was in for the first film. Featuring Billy the Puppet, other locations, and more traps six other screenshots were released on April 13, 2009.

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