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After releasing some fantastic horror games like F.E.A.R. TimeGate is releasing a game from the genre of Futuristic First Person Shooter. Title of the game will be Section 8. The game will be published by SouthPeak Interactive. Section 8 is designed by Brett Norton. Scheduled date for the game is August 28, 2009. The game utilizes Unreal Engine 3 as the game engine. It is scaled to release on the platforms of Microsoft Windows and Xbox 360. One of the notable feature of the game is that it allows players to dynamically change the flow combat according to their choice. For example, they can occupy tactical assets and Call for on demand vehicle deliveries. There will be two modes in the game single player and multiplayer. Soon after the release of the game, you may see releases of co-operative mode as the third mode.

The character that you will portray in the single-player campaign mode of the game will be a member of 8th Armored Infantry named Alex Corde. Single-player campaign will be objective based. Objective of the player will reveal the motivation of ARM of Orion and Alex Corde. Indications of the above settings can be clearly seen in the released preview of the game. Character customizations of the game are in full detail. Choice of weapons is completely a matter of choice. Section 8 not only allow you to choose your primary and secondary weapons like pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns, but also players can choose “Active Gear” items like explosives, grenades, knives, healing units and shoulder mounted mortar launchers. By the means of various stackable modules, you can create your own player class. These stackable modules will help you to increase few of the player’s features like stealth, speed and regeneration of the jetpack. If the damage is excess the limit of stealth, many parts of the body will be disabled to use. Like head, legs, chest or arms. Many kind of vehicles are used in the game for the players use like heavy armor four person tanks. Player will be loaded with modern equipments like infra red map, which will show enemies on the map.

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Section 8 is based in a futuristic universe. Player will wear a futuristic armor, looking like the one used by Master Chief in Halo series. Armor will cover their entire bodies and will feature shielding technology used to absorb enemy damage. Player will enter the war area in a unique style. They will be dropped from orbital dropships flying at a height of more than 15,000 feet from the surface. This process is called as “Burning-in.” this process will help in making game more unpredictable. As player can choose where to be drooped on the map. It also makes game interactive as other players cam shot down the arriving player using anti aircraft like guns. To avoid being hit by these guns, there will be a feature called “air-brake”, it will allow player to make some mid-air adjustments. Section 8 will feature a vast and large scale multiplayer mode. There will be 16 players confirmed so far for the Xbox 360 version. Xbox 360 still has a goal of 24 to 32 players. Online player for the PC version will be 54, so far only 32 are confirmed. To fill the remaining slots on multiplayer bots will be used.

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The term “Section 8” is derived from an old United States military discharge regulation, if the person is mentally unfit for the service and is related to the 8the Armored Infantry in the game. This nickname evolved from the near-suicidal missions the 8th Armored Infantry went on, and thus labeled as insane by other military units. The game starts in near future and human race has discovered interstellar travel. Using this technology they colonized across the galaxy. When the game start a group called ARM of Orion start to become disconnect the outermost planets from the main governing body and taking them over while keeping their presence hidden from the government. ARM is able to do that because of the reason that traveling in space is slow and it takes weeks to communicate with the frontier world. Government soon realize about the ambush being planned against them and sends 8th Armored Infantry with Alex Corde on a mission on a mission to inspect ARM of Orion and if the situation grows wrong then fight and stop ARM of Orion. Wait till August 28, to enjoy the future and travel in space. Many experts are expecting Section 8 to be a new chapter in the world of Futuristic universe based games.

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