Six Days in Fallujah

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Six Days in Fallujah is a military based game. It will be released for third person shooter and survival horror game. The developers Atomic Games are stressing on the survival horror part of the game. Konami will publish the game and it will be the first game to focus on Operation Iraqi Freedom. As the name suggests focus of the game is on the Second Battle of Fallujah. Six Days in Fallujah follows a squad of U.S. Marine from 3rd Battalion 1st Marines over the span of six days. The game will be released for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Release date is not confirmed and year 2010 may see the release.

In an interview Atomic Games president, Peter Tamte stated about development for the game began in their studios. Initially they were developing tools for the United States Marine Corps and they assigned some Marines from Third Battalion First Marines to help them out. A few weeks later Marines were deployed to Iraq and participated in the First Battle of Fallujah. When they returned from Fallujah, they asked them to create a videogame about their experience there. It seemed like the right thing to do. Goal of the developers behind creating Six Days in Fallujah is to create most realistic military shooter possible all the developing team was curious about how it feels to be in war. According to Tamte all the other military based game are designed in a room. Real life Marines lend their names and likeness as well as recreations of specific events from the battle. Six Days in Fallujah is described as time machine you are experiencing the events as they really happened.

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According to the Atomic Games Six Days in Fallujah is a survival horror game but not in the traditional style. It means there will not be any supernatural or undead, but there will be unpredictable, terrifying and very real tactics engaged by rebels scattered throughout Fallujah. The settings in the Fallujah are really horror driving. Many rebels are described, as they do not intend to leave the city alive, so their entire mission might be to lie in wait, with a gun trained at a doorway, for days just waiting for a marine to pop his head in. the feeling of going door to door clearing houses and founding them most of the time empty is strange and gives you the feeling of survival horror. The game gives players a taste of the horror, misery, and fear experienced by the Marines in the battles with top priority.

It was also stated by Atomic Games that the game’s environment are 100% destructible and degradable. Credit of the completely destructive settings should be given to a custom rendering engine. Destructible environments are necessary to portray the true story events of Fallujah. Six Days in Fallujah will feature some unique game features never seen before in military based game, like calling sir strikes to blindside the insurgents waiting inside, learning to blow holes in houses using C4 or grenade launchers. These kind of fighting tactics are often called as “combat puzzles.”

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