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Stormrise is a real time strategy game developed for all the three leading game platforms PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360. It is developed by The Creative Assembly, British company famous for real time strategy games like Shogun: Total War and recent hit Empire: Total War. Stormrise is published by Japanese company Sega. The game was released on 24th March in North America and Australia and on 27th March in Europe. It is available in both single and multiplayer mode.

The game is released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3. For the Windows version of Stormrise it will require Windows Vista, since the engine has been designed and built around the new version of DirectX – DirectX 10.1. It was reported official magazine of PlayStation the PlayStation: The Official Magazine, that one of the designer of Creative Assembly Vispi Bhopti is designing his favorite unit type Stormrise. It was described as a Spider or a Crab like beast unit known as the Matriarch, largest land unit for the Sai. Some special abilities for the Matriarch are still under development. Many ideas have been suggested for additional abilities, like ability to spawn crabs that will dash apart and attack at their will. Other destroying ability suggested for the game is spitting a huge barricade of acid rain.

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Stormrise is a real time strategy game based in post apocalyptic era. In this game you will get a chance to feel the heat of battlefield by leading your troops from the front. However not like all the traditional real-time strategy games, it will not be played from the above detached view point. Instead you will control the troops in the air, across rooftops, on the surface of Earth and underground also. The Unique idea of “verticality” introduced multi layers that will help to master the strategic advantage. The experience is enhanced further with the help of a simple and effective control system designed specially for consoles. It includes rapid navigation, easy unit selection and exact deployment.

The game begins in the post apocalyptic era. A civilization has begun after disastrous events. From the ashes two warring factions arise, Echelon and The Sai. First one The Echelon is a technologically advanced that bear the planet’s fallout by using the way of self-induce hibernation. Other faction the Sai is a tribal society, they have adapted to the new environment and evolved. In the change in scenery will be a deviation. Stormrise is different from Empire: Total War as rather then featuring a general’s armchair view of the battlefields, you will assume the role of frontline commander. This will increase the feeling of action in real-time strategy gameplay.

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Even after featuring revolutionary idea of verticality the game received average reviews from the gaming media. Reason given by the Edge Magazine for the scores was due to the releasing the game so close to Halo Wars is like a commercial suicide, and most of the progressive ideas will be ignored and the game will loose as a result of minor tragedy. Edge Magazine UK gave Stormrise the 360 version a mere 4/10. For the PS 3 version of the game are also same. GamesTM gave the game 5/10. Awkward gameplay and Irritable camera view and was held for the low rankings. Another magazine PushSquare gave it 2/4 because the game is high on innovation but weak on execution. Worst reviews for the game were given by the Gamespot commenting on the game as ‘most horrible RTS in recent years’ only positive review for the game were given by the PSM3 Magazine UK. They awarded the game 8/10.

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