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Grand Theft Auto 4

Grand Theft Auto is the brightest star in the sky of gaming world. There are four main games in the series and several other spin-off games in the series. Starting from GTA or Grand Theft Auto latest game in the series was to be released was Grand theft Auto IV, one of the best. [...]

Overlord II

Overlord II is a direct sequel to the 2007 game Overlord. Overlord II will be a third person action-adventure game. The game is developed by Triumph Studios, and will be published by Codemasters, oldest gaming developers of United Kingdom. Overlord II will be released on the platforms of Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox [...]

Icarian: Kindred Spirits

Icarian: Kindred Spirits is an upcoming WiiWare game. Wii is top selling game console but the parameters and the categories of the games released for Wii are limited. To solve the problem Wii is releasing games under as much genres as possible. Ranging from FPS to action-adventure, many games are under development for [...]

Flock (video game)

From the violent world of Street Fighter and Devil May Cry Capcom is bringing a game based in a sweet and non-violent world. Capcom is now expanding their parameters for the gaming world. They don’t want to stick to the genres of Beat-me-up and action, and want to release as much as possible games [...]

Beyond Good & Evil 2

Beyond Good & Evil is back this time on the seventh generation consoles. Beyond Good & Evil 2 or BG&E2 is an upcoming game for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. It will be the Third game for the Beyond Good & Evil series. It is designed by Michel Ancel creator of the original game and [...]

Batman: Arkham Asylum

Most famous cartoon character is back to the gaming world. Batman: Arkham Asylum famous Marvel Comics is now turned into a game of the same name. Batman: Arkham Asylum is an upcoming game for all the three leading platforms of gaming world Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Microsoft Windows. It will be an [...]

Tomb Raider: Underworld

Explore everything, Stop at nothing and the adventure of Lara Croft begins. Tomb Raider series is on of the most successful and more importantly adventures series of the era. Tomb Raider: Underworld or Tomb Raider 8 is the eight games of the series. It was release on 18 November 2008 in North America [...]

Grand Theft Auto – set a mode

If you want to free your brain from worries and you want to throw, your frustration out you should try GRAND THEFT AUTO series. GTA games are legend in the gaming world; every body knows and mostly likes the name GTA. First game of this series was launched in the year 1997, under [...]