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Order of War

World War II is one of the most adapted topic in gaming world, many games released under the genre and made history. Games released on the backdrop of World War II are mostly released in two perspectives either First person shooter (FPS) or RTS (Real time strategy). Order of War is an upcoming game in [...]

The 3rd Birthday

Square Enix is known for its RPG (role-playing game) like Kingdom of Heart, Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. Now a third person shooter is under their belt, the game is named The 3rd Birthday. Both Square Enix and Sony want their products to go more global then they now are. The 3rd Birthday will [...]

Resonance of Fate

Resonance of Fate is another console role playing game in the, the genre that has gave us games like Dragon Quest, Final Fantasy and Pokémon. In Japanese the game is known as End of Eternity. It is developed by Tri-ace and will be published Sega. The platforms it will be released are PlayStation 3 and [...]

Kingdom Heart Birth by Sleep

Kingdom Heart Birth by Sleep is an upcoming game by SquareEnix. SquareEnix is famous for Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy titles, and is often known by the name of these two games. They are so busy with these two titles that they hardly get time for other games. Now they came up with a [...]