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Need for Speed: Shift

Need for Speed is the most famous racing game series for every gaming platform. First game of the Need for Speed series better known as NFS was released in the year 1994. Since then the series has produced 15 games so far. NFS is known for introducing car customization option in the racing genre. [...]

Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Battlefield is one of the best and longest running First person shooter series; it features more than 19 games. Battlefield is the favorite name in the world of online gaming for the FPS (First person shooters) lovers with unlimited action. Everyone loved the games of the series because they were loaded with large maps [...]

Mirror’s Edge–No restrictions

Mirror’s Edge is game which broke the theme of most of the first person shooters are complex movie tie-ups. This game has not only pushed the boundaries of gameplay but of graphics too. Mirror’s Edge is a game, which will take you to a world of fast-paced action with a twist. Mirror’s Edge [...]