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Need for Speed: Nitro

Need for Speed: Nitro is the new game for Need for Speed or better known as NFS series. Electronic Arts announced Need for Speed: Nitro with two other games Need for Speed: Shift and Need for Speed: World Online in January 2009. Need for Speed: Nitro will release only for the consoles of Nintendo Wii [...]

Mass Effect 2

Who can forget Mass Effect, this action-role playing game proved a critical as well as commercially. A sequel to Mass Effect named as Mass Effect 2 is under development of BioWare Games and they are assisted by EA Montreal. Mass Effect 2 will be published by Electronic Arts. Microsoft Game Studio is not associating [...]

Army of Two: The 40th Day

In downtown Shanghai on a skyscraper, you peer out into the city below. Suddenly a jet flies by across the sky. The jet plane is shrieking and delivers all of its payloads on the buildings. The entire horizon is filled with explosions and light, leaving all the surrounding buildings start to crumble. All of [...]