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Gladiator A.D.

Imagine what it feels to kick and punch your opponents in the way you want to do. This opportunity is given to you by Wii. They are bringing a game called Gladiator A.D. It’s a fighting game being developed by High Voltage Software. In recent times, some of the Wii’s most successful and different [...]

The Grinder

Finally, after swapping up the market Wii is getting into the market of hardcore gamers. We all know most of the Wii users are soft gamers. Games released on Wii are violence free. Wii now wants some games, which will have the features of hardcore gaming like serious gunfight and little chaos. First, such [...]

Animal de Muerte — Animals of the Dead

Animal de Muerte is an upcoming game for Wii. High Voltage Software is the company developing the game. Animal De Muerte will only be released for Wii. It will be the second game for WiiWare. Released dates are not revealed by the game developers. It is one of the most awaited game for Wii. [...]

The Conduit

The Conduit is an upcoming game by High Voltage Software. It will be a futuristic first person shooter game. First reveled at IGN on April 17, 2008, it is set to be released on June, 9, 2009. On October 29, 2008, it was announced by the game developers that Sega will be the [...]