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Return to Castle Wolfenstein is regarded as one of the finest first person shooter game. Released in 2002 this game presented a wonderful blend of World War based game in survival horror settings. Leaving behind the traditional missions of World War II, RTCW featured some less famous missions of World War. Some of them were [...]

Postal III

Most violent game of the gaming world id coming back to thrill you, those with a weak heart stay away from it. Postal series is considered as the most violent gaming series by many game experts, Postal III will be third installment in the series. Postal is often called as seriously violent, plain violent [...]

The Broken Hourglass

The Broken Hourglass is an upcoming game, developed by Planewalker Games. It will use WeiNGINE. It will be released as computer role-playing game (CRPG) for multiple platforms. The platform developers considering are Mac OS X, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. No release dates are confirmed for the game. Genre of The Broken Hourglass will [...]

XBMC Media Center

Just as some one tries to outrun Microsoft, they return to the field with most innovative ideas. After the enormous success of their gaming console PlayStation Sony Corporation was promising to that, they will remove the Windows from the market. This evoked Microsoft to land in the console market, they came up with Xbox [...]

id Tech –Value Through Innovation

id tech is the family of game engines designed and developed by id software. Doom series games were the first to use this software; Doom is credited to its fame. After the release of Doom, id tech became one of the most famous software in the gaming world. Prior to release of Rage an id [...]