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Stormrise is a real time strategy game developed for all the three leading game platforms PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360. It is developed by The Creative Assembly, British company famous for real time strategy games like Shogun: Total War and recent hit Empire: Total War. Stormrise is published by Japanese company Sega. The [...]

Patapon 2

Patapon 2 is a game developed by Pyramid, Japan Studio. It is a direct sequel to Patapon. Patapon 2 will be published by Sony Computer Entertainment. Just like its predecessor Patapon 2 will also be released on PlayStation Portable. Release date for North America is May 5, 2009. Patapon 2 will be a [...]

LocoRoco 2

Good Games are hardly ever developed for PlayStation Portable. To solve the problem and to support most innovative hand held console of time Sony is coming forward and developing games for PSP. One of such game is LocoRoco 2. Genres for LocoRoco 2 are Platform and Puzzle. LocoRoco 2 is developed by Sony Computer [...]

Ninja Blade

Ninja Blade is continuously featured in various lists of most awaited games for the year 2009. It is developed by Adventure Core games famed From Software for Xbox 360. Ninja Blade has been classified as a “Cinematic action games.” Gameplay of Ninja Blade cane be considered as a combination of hack and slash elements [...]


Yet another Punch-Out!! Game is under development. Punch-Out!! Series is one of the most famous series in the Sports genre. Punch-Out!! is placed with Sports Game series like Madden NFL and FIFA. Punch-Out!! will be the sixth game in the series. It will be a remake of the Punch-Out!! for NES. It will [...]


Resident evil is soon to be released game of the world famous Resident Evil survival horror video game series. It is also known as Biohazard 5 in Japan. It will debut on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It will be developed and produced by CAPCOM, as all the games of the franchise [...]

GENJI:Days of Blade

Ever imagined of being a samurai prince fighting against the devil and crime of the world, with the best of a weapon you can think of Katana. If you want to feel, the eternal feeling then try your hands on one of the most prolific game of the century Genji: Days of Blade. It’s [...]