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Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim

Majesty 2: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim an upcoming real-time strategy game is under the development of 1C:Ino-Co, one of the largest software developers of Russia. The game will be published by Paradox Interactive, one of the largest publishers in the world. First announcement for the game was made on April 18, 2008. Release [...]

Hearts of Iron III

Hearts of Iron III is the upcoming installment in the series of Heart of Iron. Released for the genre of grand strategy games, Heart of Iron series was first released in the year 2002 for PC users. Heart of Iron III is the expansion of Hearts of Iron II: Armageddon. The game was announced [...]

East India Company (Video Game)

East India Company first company of the world, first English joint-stock company. It was initially formed for pursuing trade with the East Indies, but that ended up trading with the Indian subcontinent and China. The company was so well managed it made enormous profit from the trading countries. Very soon, the company was [...]