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Broken Saints

Broken Saints is an upcoming games by casual game developers Gnosis Games, a Canadian company famous for there casual games for the social networking sites like Facebook, Bebo and MySpace. Gnosis Games enjoyed a lot of success in casual games they are entering the world of serious gamers with this new game. Broken Saints will [...]

The BIGS 2

The BIGS 2 is the upcoming sequel to the 2007 game The BIGS and arcade style baseball game. The BIGS 2 will be released under the genre of baseball sports video game. The game is developed by Blue Castle Games for the consoles of PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, Wii, Xbox 360 and PSP. Game’s [...]

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Metal Gear Solid is coming to the PlayStation Portable. Metal gear Solid achieved great success and won many awards like Best game of the Year, Best Story of the year and Best graphics of the year. Metal Gear Solid series is one of the best selling series on the platform of PS 3 or [...]

Soulcalibur: Broken Destiny

Soul series is a fighting game series, but slightly different from other fighting game series like Tekken, Street fighter and Mortal Kombat. Unlike other fighting series, characters of Soul were unique in fighting as using different weapons instead of bare hands. Most of the time these weapons include Blades and Swords. Other fighting game [...]

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter is the best selling game for Sony’s PlayStation Portable and Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is the new installment. It was released in Japan on March 27th 2008 as an expansion to the original Monster Hunter Freedom 2. It was released in Japan as the name of Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G. Monster [...]

LocoRoco 2

Good Games are hardly ever developed for PlayStation Portable. To solve the problem and to support most innovative hand held console of time Sony is coming forward and developing games for PSP. One of such game is LocoRoco 2. Genres for LocoRoco 2 are Platform and Puzzle. LocoRoco 2 is developed by Sony Computer [...]

G.I. JOE: The Rise of Cobra

COBRA is the biggest threat to the world and he is once again ready to destroy the world. He unleashes the deadliest plan ever created by anyone. No one can stand in front of The Great COBRA. But there is a team swore to save the world on any condition and from any one, [...]

Fat Princesses

PlayStation 3 wants players to find some versatility in the games being released for PlayStation 3 and other Sony products like PSP and PlayStation Network. One such game is Fat Princesses. It will shift your mind from regular gun battles and blood to a world where there will be fight and blood but in [...]

Playstation Network

Often called as PSN within the gaming industry PlayStation Network is an online multiplayer gaming and digital media delivery. Provided by   Sony Computer Entertainment for use with the PlayStation 3, PSP (PlayStation portable), and on There were 14 million active registered PlayStation Network accounts worldwide. Users made 273 million downloads as last updated [...]