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Split Second

Racing gaming genre evolved a great way, from traditional circuit racing in the earliest games to drift and drag racing of modern times. A new genre evolved from racing is action-racing with some best known games as Burnout and Ridge Racer series. These games are known high risk gameplay mechanics and high quality collisions. A [...]

SuperCar Challenge

Eutechnyx is developing games for many big names of the industry like Electronic Arts and Namco. Most of their games are from Racing games genre like Hot Wheels: Beat That!, Ferrari Challenge, Ride To Hell. The 2008 production of Eutechnyx was highly acclaimed for it’s awesome driving physics. Such driving physics were never seen in [...]

Gran Turismo 5

Gran Turismo this is the most hit name in racing video games genre and is a enormously successful game series. First game of the franchise was launched in the year 1997. Gran Turismo stands for Grand Touring in Italian also known as GT. The series was specially produced for Sony PlayStation, PlayStation 2 and [...]