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Clone is an upcoming game for Microsoft Windows by Tomkorp Computer Solutions. It will be a game is a mix of Puzzle and real time strategy genre of gaming. Clones features alien creatures which are named clones, players will order  various morph commands to the aliens or clones and they will deform their body to [...]

Order of War

World War II is one of the most adapted topic in gaming world, many games released under the genre and made history. Games released on the backdrop of World War II are mostly released in two perspectives either First person shooter (FPS) or RTS (Real time strategy). Order of War is an upcoming game in [...]

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger

To increase the fan base game developers are trying new concepts. One of  the best and oldest concept is fusing two game genres. Best example is fusing and FPS (First person shooter) with Real time strategy. This is a unique work because FPS and RTS are two of the best genres of gaming also they [...]

Nuclear Dawn

Valve Corporations name behind some of the best gaming experience like Half Life, Counter Strike, Team Fortress and unlimited modifications of these games. The Half Life series specially was modified into several games like Day of Defeat and another spin off as Codenamed Gordon. Some of the best gaming engines like Source are also [...]

Little King’s Story

Little King’s Story is already there in the PAL regions and doing a fantastic job. It scored average 9/10 on every game critic website. Little King’s Story or Osama Monogatari in Japanese is simulation Role Playing Game (RPG). The game is developed by Cing and Town Factory. Little King’s Story is published by Rising [...]

Natural Selection 2

Natural Selection was one of the most played Half-Life modifications. For the First time players were offered a different and wonderful blend of first person shooter with Real-time strategy gameplay. A sequel is under development that time only. Natural Selection 2 is an upcoming game for Microsoft Windows. The game will be a direct [...]


Stormrise is a real time strategy game developed for all the three leading game platforms PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows & Xbox 360. It is developed by The Creative Assembly, British company famous for real time strategy games like Shogun: Total War and recent hit Empire: Total War. Stormrise is published by Japanese company Sega. The [...]

StarCraft II- Hell IT’S ABOUT TIME

StarCraft II is an upcoming game for the PC users. It will be the game in the trilogy of military science fiction and will be released under the genre of Real-time strategy video games. StarCraft II is under the development of Blizzard Entertainment. It will be released as the sequel for the award wining [...]

East India Company (Video Game)

East India Company first company of the world, first English joint-stock company. It was initially formed for pursuing trade with the East Indies, but that ended up trading with the Indian subcontinent and China. The company was so well managed it made enormous profit from the trading countries. Very soon, the company was [...]


If you are feeling down due to the end of Dungeon Siege or you want to enjoy the Sins of Solar Empire and Supreme Commander, soon there will be an option for you all Players. Demigod is an upcoming game, releasing on April 14th 2009. The developer of the game Gas Powered Games describes [...]